This Glass Bridge Is So Terrifying, People Have To Be Dragged Across

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Glass bridges have become a very popular tourist attraction in China. The vertigo-inducing bridges sit hundreds of meters in the sky, hover above massive canyons, and sometimes cause visitors to be frozen with terror.

A video has surfaced that shows a compilation of different people crossing a glass bridge — many of them having to be dragged across. Some of the tourists scream as friends look on laughing, eventually physically dragging them across. In one clip, a puppy is too afraid to walk across and has to be dragged on its stomach.

The newest, highest and longest glass bridge is about “99 percent complete,” according to Joe Chen, an executive overseeing the project. People will be able to walk across and even bungee jump off a platform on the 20-foot wide, 1,410-foot long bridge according to CNET.

Watch as people attempt and ultimately fail to cross the terrifying glass bridge below:

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