Animal Testing Facility Tattoos, Drugs and Tests Monkeys Before Killing Them In Disturbing Footage

Recent footage has been released to the public that has revealed both disturbing and shocking conditions at Europe’s largest primate research center.

Animal Defenders International or (ADI) animal rights advocates have made claims that they have captured footage by the use of hidden cameras at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre in the Netherlands.

Image via ADI

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The below footage shows the monkeys getting a sedative injection as well as tattooed while they are completely conscious throughout the entire procedure.

Campaigners told MailOnline that some of the monkeys were severely injured after their distressed cage-mates attacked one another. This is most likely due to the animals not being able to cope with their harsh surroundings.

Image via ADI

It was reported the animals were in fact sedated but continued to be conscious during the procedures and continued to have feelings throughout.

When the monkeys came to from the injections, they were then left unattended and disoriented, leaving the animals vulnerable to injury.

Image via ADI

In the footage, viewers have reported hearing the animal’s captors singing The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)’, and apparently having a grand time with ADI – at one point even boasting how the animals were ‘oblivious to their plight’.

It was also noted that the monkeys were allegedly put down in front of their cage-mates in full view.

UN Messenger of Peace and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, Jane Goodall said: “The way they are being treated in the video is shocking and inhumane. It is my considered opinion that those involved in this kind of research on primates should consider using alternative procedures that do not involve experimentation on intelligent, sentient beings. This research should be phased out as soon as possible.”

Image via ADI

So what exactly is the purpose of The Biomedical Primate Research Centre?

The center is used to breed animals for its own use along with other laboratories, collaborating with researchers in both the UK and the US.

MailOnline additionally shared that the research center has more than tripled its primate use, from 95 individuals in 2016 to 317 in 2017.

Image via ADI

The facility has a total of 1,600 primates in which most are kept in breeding groups of 20-40 individuals.

The footage was recorded in March of 2017 and ironically enough, released on September 1st of this year — on international primate day.

Image via ADI

As you can imagine, many are outraged regarding the treatment of these animals and commenter’s of the viral video of 13K views and counting are not holding back their thoughts.

One viewer poetically commented on the video with: “Let the impact of this scandalous horrific treatment of the innocent make a mark in animal is born to suffer such pain and no human and I use that term lightly has the right to make them us..have 1 life..let them live it to the full.”

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