Dwayne Johnson Hosts Touching Make-A-Wish Day For Critically-Ill Children

This past weekend, fan-favorite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared quite a few videos via Instagram that had many tearing up over their screens.

The series of Instagram posts shows ‘The Rock’ Johnson partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Each year, he organizes an event in conjunction with the foundation, granting children the chance to get their one wish: to meet Dwayne in person.

Johnson took time to meet and chat with children who were battling critical illnesses, starting with a handshake.

Image via Instagram

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In his posting, Johnson writes how much the meetup meant to him, calling events like the Make A Wish Foundation event the ‘best part’ of fame.

“Even though I was obviously there with the kids and parents, it’s hard for me to watch these without shedding a happy tear or two. As a man, father and luckiest SOB on this planet, I can honestly say without no uncertain terms — to me, this will always be the best part of my job. The best part of fame.”

Cue the tears…

In the video, the children can be seen adventuring on the set of Johnson’s latest movie, Jungle Cruise – with the set being decked out with tons of delicious looking treats and plenty of fun games for the kids.

Image via Instagram

Johnson sported his Jungle Cruise costume throughout the event, even bringing in Emily Blunt in on the fun.

Image via Instagram

Many of the kids are – not surprisingly – filled to the brim with laughter when taking photos, getting ‘The Rock’s’ signature and hugging the beaming actor.

Image via Instagram

At the very end of the event, Johnson surprises his fans with one last treat – a goodie bag filled with amazing gifts including one year’s supply of movie tickets, a Disney swag bag, Under Armor clothing and an exclusive Jungle Cruise X-Box One, complete with a year’s supply of games.

Image via Instagram

Johnson goes onto say why exactly the annual event is so close to his heart.

“This kind of thing where we’re delivering happiness to kids who need it and parents who need it is very special. The kids say that I inspire them, which is awesome, but the irony about it is they have no idea how much they inspire me.”

Image via Instagram

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In a message to his young fans and their families, Johnson leaves them with this note at the end of his posting…

“Stay strong families and thank you for choosing me as your “wish” and thank you for the trust to deliver a little bit of joy to your lives.”

Image via Instagram

Okay at this point, if you are not crying – it is safe to say you are most definitely, a robot.


Take a watch for yourself below and keep the tissues handy.

You are going to need them.

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