Autistic Boy Who Was Banned From School Now Models For H&M, River Island And Land Rover

After being banned from school activities due to having anger issues, a young autistic boy has secured a modeling contract for a top high street brand.

Due to the boy’s anger and stress – issues of his condition- Alfie Aldridge was not allowed to participate in his school play or even have his school photo taken.

Image via Zebedee Management

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Alfie was moved to Larwood School, a specialist school in Stevenage, after the 11-year-old was diagnosed with high functioning autism. While he still has difficulty both socializing and working in groups, Alfie has found a passion for modeling, with others noting how he is much calmer in front of the camera.

It was a family friend of Alfie’s who first made the suggestion that the young boy look into a career for modeling and not too long after, Alfie was offered a contract with Zebedee Management.

Alfie can be featured as the face of brands such as River Island, H&M, as well as Land Rover.

Image via Zebedee Management

Gary, Alfie’s father, was overjoyed at his son’s shift of disposition:

“I want people to know disabilities can’t stop your dreams. Since starting modeling he just seems different. It was like he was born to do it. It’s helped him to come out of himself. From a boy that was angry all the time, he is now so confident. It’s just fabulous. The modeling and acting has made him grow so much, he doesn’t get angry like he would have done. Before leaving mainstream school it looked like we had no hope, but the things he’s achieved now are fantastic. He doesn’t get aggressive any more and never on set.”

Gary is also a businessman, adding that Alfie tried a handful of hobbies but none of them stuck like modeling did.

Image via Zebedee Management

“I tried different things like swimming lessons or ­gymnastics and football, but he doesn’t like working in a group. When we found his real passion, modeling, he was so much more relaxed.”

The specialist management company is a model agency for children with disabilities, priding themselves in celebrating the body one was born into – no matter what condition. Zebedee believes everyone was born beautiful, actively seeking to change the perception of beauty, disability, and diversity.

The 11-year-old shared his hopes for his future modeling career, saying how much he enjoys being treated like a celebrity when on shoots.

Image via Zebedee Management

“I am very excited about my modeling and I want to be a top model when I am older.” Alfie shared.

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“When I go in for a shoot they do my hair and makeup and it makes me feel like a celebrity. I talk to my friends about it at school and they say it’s really cool.”

Go get em’ Alfie!

Image via Zebedee Management

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