After This Dog Was Stolen And Abandoned, He Bravely Takes Himself To The Hospital

In recent news, a stolen German Shepherd had managed to check himself into a hospital all by himself after being abandoned.

We knew dogs were intelligent, but this takes canine intelligence to a whole new level! In the Amasya province of northern Turkey, nine-month-old Silla was stolen while his owner – Serdar Keskindir – was busy working.

As most pet owners could imagine, Serdar was left heartbroken when he found that his pup was stolen, as Silla is not only his good friend but also work companion.

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Serdar was desperate to ensure Silla’s safe and swift return, so Serdar posted a 2,000-TRY (£238) reward for recovery of the pup.

Serdar now believes he made it harder for the thieves to attempt to sell Silla.

It was believed Silla was then dumped by the dog kidnappers, with no regard for the pup’s safety or wellbeing. The situation escalated when Silla was later attacked and injured by a pack of stray dogs. But Silla preserved and had her wits about her.

In an amazing video featured below, Silla was able to be his own knight in shining armor.

Despite being distressed and most likely in shock, the dog was able to take himself to the hospital for treatment where his wounds were tended to by professionals.

Image via YouTube

In every day life, Silla usually sticks by his human dad’s side to work. Serdar recovers vehicles which have been involved in car crashes.

Serdar believes the smart dog was able to recognize the ambulance and somehow associate that there were in fact doctors at the hospital who could help treat his injuries.

The shocking footage shows Silla quickly running up to the entrance of the emergency room of the Vocational Training facility in Amasya — almost as if he knew exactly where he was headed.

Image via YouTube

A second video was released of Silla having his injured leg being gently treated by a doctor.

As of now, it has been reported that Silla is not only stable but also reunited with his human owner.

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Serdar was nothing short of joyous when he learned his dog was in better health.

Image via YouTube

He has since graciously thanked the workers at the emergency room for taking such good care of his precious pet, saying:

“When the dog was then attacked by stray dogs and had its left leg injured, it went to search for help at an emergency unit.”

There has been no update on whether the perpetrators have been identified.

We can only hope their fate is swift and just, as no animal deserves to be treated cruelly.

Watch the video of brave Silla, below.

To learn more on how you can help stop dogs like Silla from being stolen and or abandoned, click here for resources and to sign the petition.

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