Decorated WWII Hero Dies Just Days After Giving Away Granddaughter At Wedding

When Polish war hero Bronislaw Karwowski heard he would be walking his granddaughter down the aisle, he answered the call to duty.

As the bride’s grandfather walked his granddaughter down the aisle – the groom grew teary-eyed, thanking Karwowski with two kisses on the cheek.

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The couple then married at a ceremony close to Poland’s border with Belarus in Bialystok.

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Karwowski then passed away exactly two days later at the age of 94.

A video was shared of Karwowski and his granddaughter, Joanna, walking down the aisle, and it was clear there were moments Karwowski had a difficult time making it to the altar.

Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski attended the wedding in his military uniform, which featured multiple medals for his service.

Karwowski was not only a Polish veteran of World War II, but one of the most decorated.

Karwowski was an active participant in the Warsaw Uprising and additionally, was apart of the Polish resistance against Nazi rule.

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He was then captured and taken to the Gestapo headquarters in Lomza.

Karwowski was able to escape in the north of Poland but was soon arrested again.

This was due to Karwowski being an opponent of the Communist government in Poland.

He was sentenced to a decade in prison for his efforts in resisting the authoritarian regime, which took place after the Second World War.

At a later date, Karwowski was given the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland for his services to the Polish nation.

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The Polish National Armed Forces wrote a post via social media on the day of Karwowski’s death that announced his passing.

The posting read:

“We regret to announce that today, on 1st September 2018, on the 79th anniversary of Germany’s assault on Poland, the national hero and insurgent of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, Major Bronislaw Karwowski retired to the eternal guard. He was 94 years old.

Among many awards bestowed to him, Karwowski was honored with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, the Silver Cross of Merit with Swords and the Cross of the National Armed Deed to name just a few.

In the Second World War, Poland lost an astounding 6 million people.

This was noted to be the greatest number of deaths as a percentage of the population.

It was also estimated that close to 20 percent of all Poles died in the war.

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After their country was invaded – Poland’s armed forces reconstituted themselves.

Poland went on to play a huge part in the battle against Nazis, partnering alongside the UK, the US, as well as the Soviet Union.

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The Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the event where Branislaw Karwowski was an active participant, was when 50,000 Polish fighters removed Germans from parts of central Warsaw temporarily right before it was crushed.

Rest in peace, soldier.

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