Killer Clowns Are Back And Now We Are Really Scared


If you ask, most people will say they are not fans of the “cheery” characters.

And today, I have plenty of evidence as to why they may think that because…

Killer clowns are back.

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Recently, a man dressed as a clown shouted at two boys ‘run or die’ while ‘holding a knife‘, according to police.

Not terrifying at all, right?

The boys were cycling in Kent, in Joyden’s Wood near Dartford, when they came across a man dressed as a clown that began shouting the haunting phrase while holding something that ‘looked like a knife,’ the boys told police.

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When the boys finally returned to their home, they informed their parents of the scare. The parents then called the cops and a police car was sent to the area to locate the bizarre clown man.

A Kent Police spokesperson told the Mirror:

“We were called at 6.46pm on September 14 to a report of a person dressed as a clown in Tile Kiln Lane. Patrols in the area were advised of the incident but no person matching the description was seen.”

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Of course, the recent killer clown sighting hit a nerve within the community – creating a fear that copy-cat clowns could sweep through the UK once again – just like in 2016 as well as this past fall.

In case you missed it, in 2016, there was a huge number of clowns – usually carrying a weapon – harassing and terrifying the locals.

This caused the Manchester police to share a statement to the community, advising them on what to do should they have an encounter with a killer clown.

Catherine Hankison, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, told The Sun Online:

“It’s important to stress that no-one has been physically harmed and I want to reassure people that we take reports of this nature extremely seriously. But if you do see any individuals dressed as clowns, you should try and keep calm and report the incident to authorities.”

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Emphasis on the “keep calm” part.

Since we are here, ready for the next jarring incident?

Another clown/man was given a £90 fine after being found dressed up in a black and white clown costume, jumping out and scaring children.

The man’s name was Conor Jones who was at the time, 18. Connor was given the penalty fine after he was reported for terrifying the St. Cenydd Comprehensive School in Caerphilly, South Wales children.

Yikes. Connor: I think you need to look into getting a new hobby that doesn’t involve dressing up late at night and scaring kids that are not yours. There is so much good TV out there today, there really is no excuse.

I mean seriously, have you seen Pinky Blinders?


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One last horror story before we hit the road!

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Close to last year, a few handfuls of people collectively decided to wear their clown costumes (because everyone has one -?-) and jump out on people.

A group of young girls in a park in Bristol reported that they were harassed by a clown holding some balloons who then began to chase them.

And on that note folks, stay safe this season and if you see something strange – report it to the authorities.

And then run like your life depended on it.

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