This Mom’s Up-Cycled Clothes Will Make You Run To Goodwill Immediately

If you are looking to be more mindful with your current or new wardrobe this season, I need to introduce you to someone…

Meet Sarah Tyau.

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I love to give. Including money to whoever that asks on the streets. I'm super gullible so I fall for their stories. A mom freezing w/ a newborn outside the grocery store so I drove home to get cash, and when I had to come back hours after, she was still there asking people when I gave her plenty, a man who just got released from the hospital from a car accident where his wife died & all he wants is to buy vienna sausages at Whole Foods(🤷🏻‍♀️) + many more, so much that Jay made me promise never to give to the beggars. Then I met a man who literally started with, "I'm not homeless or a beggar, I just got out of the movies with my wife but our car got stolen." So after that, even though I defended myself to Jay saying, "But he said he wasn't homeless or a beggar! But we did see him still 3 hours later…" Jay made me promise to never give money to ANY HUMAN BEING.😅 . . I guess I have a soft spot for people needing help because I believe I am no better than them, and I could very much be in their shoes. What if Jay got cancer and lost his job? What if I get in an accident & become paralyzed? What if I didn't have a family? My siblings, my husband, my parents, relatives, friends… I have a very small chance that I'd become homeless because I have a huge support system and very successful siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles and parents who are financially well off. And friends who'd help in a heartbeat. But what about those that don't? An orphan? A child from an abused home? Then that said child gets sick and loses his/her job but has no family to help? Is that their fault? Did they choose to be born in this circumstance? You're not homeless because if something happened to you where you couldn't support yourself(and it could happen to all of us- illness, death, fired, etc.), you have family or friends who would let you live in their home, and even help you financially. What about those that don't have that connection? The people that are alone? I believe each one of us could be in their shoes if we were born in the same exact circumstance as they were. We are no better than anyone. We did not make it to where we are by ourselves. #raisedbyuniverse

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After her first daughter was born, Sarah started upcycling old clothes and it has since become a major part of her life.

If you have never heard of ‘upcycling’ before, let us fill you in.

Upcycling is when you have an opportunity to take something that you feel no longer serves you and to create it into something that has a new, more valuable purpose.

Sarah has a knack for this, taking either old or outdated articles of clothing and creating something current, hip and ready to wear.

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Sarah’s lease on life?

“Look good, feel good, do good.”- and with every piece Sarah posts to Instagram, it is hard not to believe she is doing all three of those things!

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It might not look like a drastic transformation but to get to the “after” result, I removed the neckline, shoulder pads, cut off the sleeves, highered the shoulder seams, made the shoulder width narrower, made the sleeves shorter & smaller and sewed it back on, cut across the waistline to separate it into a bodice and a skirt, made the bodice narrower, shortened the skirt and gathered the skirt & sewed it on the bodice, made a waist-strap from the extra fabric, and replaced the old white buttons with gold buttons. And I crack up every time I see this mischievous smile of mine, I have no idea what this smile is, maybe I farted and I was like, “Hehehe, no one will know, good thing photos don’t capture the sound or the smell?”🤷🏻‍♀️ . . #sharingmyheartwithyoust Don’t you ever apologize for claiming your space. You applied for the job, you were hired for the job, there’s a reason why you got the job and not someone else, so you’re not taking anyone else’s space, it’s rightfully your own. So own it, claim it, no one else can offer your perspective, past experiences, opinions, views or talents. They need YOU and everything that you have to offer. You’re meant to be right where you are.” . . I was recently talking to a friend who felt the need to apologize for claiming someone else’s space. She felt she took a job that should have been given to someone else that could relate to the students better, someone with the same ethnicity as the majority of the students. So I found myself telling her the above, that while she can’t understand firsthand their experiences, nor can they. So she can share her perspective, struggles and listen to their stories and both parties can grow empathy and understanding from each other. That they’ll both come out more open minded and better because of it. Only you can offer what no one else in the world can offer. Each one of us are truly unique and special because of that. . . Part 2 of claiming your space: #claimyourspacenow

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Sarah is proud to say she has re-invented hundreds of articles of clothing for each one of her family members.

And would you believe it if I told you Sarah is self-taught? Believe it, because she is!

Sarah will usually choose pieces to transform based on what she finds at thrift stores or from donations given to her by family and friends.

She is also starting a clothing line soon with all proceeds going to children in need.

And thanks to Sarah’s strong social media presence along with YouTube series, Sarah wants others to join in on the fun and recycle clothes too!

“My advice to limit your impact is to buy more timeless, classic pieces and mix it with a few trendy pieces here and there,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

“This way, you don’t throw away as many clothes.”

“And [you] are not always having to buy constantly in order to stay on trend. Also, throw a clothing exchange with your neighbors, friends, or other groups.”

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You know how you look at old photos of yourself and think, what was I thinking with that haircut/clothes? Well, that’s what I think when looking at this DIY refashion I did back in 2010.😬😳🙈 Do any of you remember this one? If you do, comment below, you are one of my oldest followers and I need to give you a virtual high five and a hug! ✋🏼 🤗 But yes, I am not super proud of this one guys, I cringe a little on the inside even showing you this. But we all start somewhere, right?😅 It has potential but I think where I went wrong was if you look at the original on the left, the neckline was too low for me so I was trying to make the front not as low cut so I had to do two twist knots instead of just one. It would look so much cuter with just one twist knot. But maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is? You know how you’re always your own worst critique? What do you think on a scale from 1-10, 1 being ugly and 10 being super cute. I give it a 3.5. Be honest, I can take it!

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Sarah plans to teach her daughters to sew like her one day.

“I have been meaning to teach them how to sew. We are supposed to start a sewing series on YouTube together where I teach them how to refashion, but they’re so busy in their own lives, we haven’t gotten a chance to yet,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

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Little did you know I made TWO versions of this refashion where I used my old XS shirts I had and upcycled them into a peplum top for my girls. Which one do you like better? The blue or the red? . . I spoke at a workshop today with a panel of other amazing women on the topic of Instagram. When I was invited to speak, I almost turned it down because I thought, “Me? I’m the last person who should be on that panel because I don’t take Instagram seriously, I never plan out my posts or schedule them, I literally find a photo to post seconds before posting, I don’t use it to make money or sell anything, and I wish social media didn’t exist?”😬😅 And I even told that during the panel.😳 . . But some advice I gave was to make sure the #1 reason you use this platform isn’t for personal gain, but for a higher cause. It can be to make money but instead of wanting to make a lot of money so you can keep up with the Joneses or own nice things, to make money so you can help others. If you sell a product, for the product to help others in some way and have that be the #1 goal instead and #2 on making cash. Then on the days when you don’t feel motivated to post or feel burnt out from social media, you can say oh, I am not doing this for myself, I’m doing it for a cause bigger than myself. . . Another thing I want to add is don’t take it so seriously! The number of followers or comments or likes shouldn’t have effect(or affect? I struggle with these two, guys) on your mood or happiness or self confidence. It has nothing to do with your worth, happiness or confidence. . . I’m so grateful for each one of you who follow me and support me even when I am not strategic on here and I’m a mess, I’m way too open and TMI and feel way too comfortable on my stories.😆 Thank you, it means so much to me. Even though I want to constantly quit, I’m still on here because of you. I love you. *aww so tender and precious! #grouphug

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“But they have a strong sense of fashion in their young age and have very good taste. So I think they’ll take over what I do one day and be better than me!”

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If you are starting to get the itch to start your own line of classic pieces with clothes that are collecting dust in the back of your closet, we have you covered.

Teach yourself how to upcycle an old sweater just in time for the fall season below with one of Sarah’s popular DIY tutorials. Happy upcycling!

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