Animal Rights Activist Chains Self To Railing To Protect Calf From Being Killed

A vegan, animal rights activist recently shared a video of her comforting a calf who was on its way to being killed after the activist broke into a slaughterhouse.

The below footage shows Alix Livingstone, the vegan animal rights activist, holding the calf while in tears.

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It was reported that Livingstone, 23, marched into a slaughterhouse and chained herself to a railing right next to the baby calf.

Image via Facebook

A second activist was also reported to have chained themselves directly to a calf, in hopes that the slaughterhouse would release the baby cow.

In an attempt to stand up against animal cruelty, Livingstone attempted to negotiate the release of two Bobby calves.

Bobby calves are offspring less than 30 days old who are not with their mothers.

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They are considered surplus and routinely put down.

After hours of negotiations between the two activists and the slaughterhouse regarding the small animals, the slaughterhouse denied the pair of activists attempts to save the offspring.

The slaughterhouse in Victoria, South East Australia, known as CA Sinclair, informed the activists they would forcibly remove the pair from the premises if they did not voluntarily leave.

Image via YouTube

While filming herself and the baby cow, Livingstone held the calf in her arms, crying, as she left CA Sinclair.

Livingstone reported that soon after she left,’both calves both calves were slaughtered that day.’

Livingstone works as an investigator for Aussie Farms.

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Her position is to raise awareness on how animals are being treated on farms as well as at slaughterhouses throughout the country.

And while Livingstone cannot always rescue the animals, she occasionally does get the opportunity to bring a few home.

The vegan activist shared:

“I get to know them as individuals and it’s heartbreaking to know their fate if they are not going to be rescued.”

Image via Facebook

The Melbourne native has been a vegan for over two years.

She continued:

“I was inspired by other activists I saw online. I felt I needed to do more than just being vegan. I needed to join the fight for animal liberation. Veganism is not causing harm to the most vulnerable creatures on the planet, showing compassion and being kind to all sentient beings. I hope that those who have not yet made the connection will soon realize that even though they are different, they share the ability to suffer, feel love and joy.”

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To watch the heartbreaking video via Daily Mail UK, scroll on below.

To learn how you can help stop animal cruelty from happening at food factories as well as slaughterhouses, PETA says on their website the following:

“The best way to help put an end to this cruelty is to stop eating meat and other animal products. Order PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today for great tips and free recipes to help you make the transition to an animal-friendly diet.”

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