Ghost Hunter Claims To Catch Poltergeist On Camera At One Of The Most Haunted Houses

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A ghost hunter is sharing his dramatic story of being “almost possessed” by a poltergeist while investigating a haunted house in Britain.

Kyle Fowler, 28, says he captured footage of an infamous poltergeist on camera dubbed the “Black Monk” just hours before he “took over” him, the Mirror reports.

Fowler claims he encountered the paranormal entity while visiting a haunted house in West Yorkshire, England last week. The historical site once housed a family that was allegedly subjected to years of horror and torment by the so-called “Black Monk of Pontefract.”

In the footage Fowler filmed during the investigation, he claims a hooded, dark face appeared behind him in a mirror’s reflection.

After reviewing the footage, Fowler says he and his team began “mirror scrying.”

“This involved staring through the mirror with a candle underneath your face and asking the spirit to show themselves,” Fowler explained.

It was then Fowler believes he fell into a trance under the figure’s influence.

“The figure that appears us on the stairs is right where the Black Monk has been seen lots of times before. There is the shape of a hood and a face,” Fowler said.

He says his eyes went black and his face aged so that he looked like an older man.

“It was like the face of an old man had come over mine,” Fowler continued.

He says he eventually came out of the trance after one of his team members “touched my shoulder and called me in for protection.”

“I didn’t feel I was being taken over, but I could see his face and felt transfixed. At the time I didn’t feel scared but I don’t know what could have happened,” Fowler said.

“I think it possibly was the Black Monk as it was quite demonic and I had black eyes when it happened. It was very dark and not very nice.”

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