Instagram Haters Get Served After Dissing This Victoria Secret Model Who Codes

Meet Lyndsey Scott.

She is the first African-American model to receive a Calvin Klein exclusive. And thanks to Victoria Secret, more people want to learn more about the accomplished model.

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And as it turns out, the 34-year-old is much, much, more than a beauty.

She has brains too, and a big one.

Scott is ranked as one of the top iOS responders on Stack Overflow, is part of an iOS tutorial team at, and has worked on video tutorials for kids alongside Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg on

But despite Scott’s long list of impressive achievements, haters had no problem trolling Scott’s Instagram.

A Reddit user created a thread to showcase the gross display of misogyny, titled ‘Apparently, it’s impossible for women to be smart and beautiful at the same time,’ with a screenshot of some of their hateful comments pictured below.

Image via Reddit

But Scott, being the class act she is, shot back with the perfect reply – serving the haters with a tall glass of truth. You tell em’ Lyndsey!

In another Insta comment, she admits that she usually just ignores trolls but she felt it was right to school these particular haters on tech issues.

The Reddit story sparked others to share their similar experiences as well.

One user shared her experience about a job interview that went south.

“Went to an interview once & was told “You just don’t look like you’d understand our SQL database.” I’ve been coding and programming for 10 years, I’m very well versed in SQL. I’m not usually confrontational but I lost my cool and said: “Is it the blonde hair or the C cup?” The guy ended the interview & said I wouldn’t fit into their current culture. “I wasn’t aware understanding SQL changed your appearance but clearly my aesthetic is not programmer appropriate.

Another user shared an experience where they were finally able to showcase their skills on the job.

“My last employer before I started off on my own needed a DBA, oracle, we interviewed a dozen great admins, but they chose an Indian fellow because the current DBA was Indian and he was awesome, so they wanted to repeat it…on his first day, he accidentally deleted one of the main subscriber tables and brought our SAS company to its knees, resulting in a 24-hour disaster recovery effort. As a benefit, I was able to showcase my disaster management skills and got promoted. [At] my current business, my finance manager is a woman and my software developer/designer is a woman (she is a software engineer from the military sector with a good eye. Gender/race is irrelevant, it’s the skill that’s important.”

Thank you Lyndsey for being superstar you and empowering women everywhere to stand up for themselves, unapologetically.

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