Pregnant And Abandoned, This Dog Almost Gave Birth To Her Litter Alone

In her hometown of Berlin, Germany – Tania Cappelluti is an animal rescuer.

And for the past few years, Cappelluti lived in Costa Rica to start a yoga retreat. But upon seeing how so many stray cats and dogs were wondering the streets there, she decided to do something about it.

Cappelluti partnered with locals and started Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica (CAARCR).

She has since aided dozens of animals to find forever homes.

Upon returning to Berlin early this month, she was met with one animal she did not expect to find.

“This is so unbelievable,” she posted to Facebook on August 16 along with a photo of a pregnant dog. “I really don’t understand how people can do this to their dog.”

Image via Facebook

The family’s neighbor was the one that reached out to Cappelluti about the dog, along with the photo and the message that this particular dog had been left behind when her family moved away.

“They moved away and left their pregnant dog behind,” she continued. “No food or water. On her own, with a big belly. The poor girl is sitting now day and night in front of the door waiting for her people to come back home.”

Then Cappelluti sent out a call to action, “Who can help?”

Cappelluti persuaded the neighbor to take in the pregnant canine while she put together a plan. As the dog was very pregnant, Cappelluti had to work fast. She contacted CAARCR along with the network of foster caregivers to find a spot for the dog to give birth appropriately.

An American retiree who lives in Costa Rica, Wynn Mackey, was that spot for Marie (the name rescuers gave to the pregnant dog.)

It truly was a group effort, saving the dog – as a local Costa Rican seamstress and a founder of CAARCR by the name of Mercedes Mora helped carry the pregnant dog over to Mackey’s house.

Image via Facebook

“He has fostered for us before,” Cappelluti told The Dodo. “He is a wonderful foster dad.”

Knowing she could give birth any day, Mackey put together a small bed for Marie to make her feel as comfortable as possible despite the heat.

Image via Facebook

“She loves to hang out on the cool tiles as she feels a bit uncomfortable being so pregnant,” Cappelluti shared.

“We expect a lot of puppies soon,” Cappelluti said.

And on Monday at midnight, Cappelluti thought of Marie, grabbed her phone and checked her messages.

Image via Facebook

“I opened Facebook,” she said, “and there she smiles at me with seven puppies!!!”

Marie had finally given birth to her puppies – only, instead of having the pups on her bed – she had them on Mackey’s bed.

What a compliment!

When Marie and her puppies are ready, they will be ready to transition to forever homes.

But for now, they just need to eat, sleep and be adorable.

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