These Beard And Mustache Competitions Are Out Of This World

Some of the best beards in the world face off at the British Beard and Moustache Championship.

Curly moustaches, long, flowing beards, and elaborate sideburns are all on display in the hope of being crowned the best beard in Britain.

The contest looks at facial hair in a wide range of categories, 21 in all, from handlebar moustache to full beard over 12 inches.

And while beards are typically associated with adult men, this competition is open to women and children as well; it features multiple handmade beard categories.

Held every 2 years in various cities around England, this year marks the 4th time the competition has taken place. Though competitors come from countries all over the world, including the United States, Norway, Spain and Holland.

This year’s host city of Blackpool seemed more than excited to roll out the red carpet for their hirsute guests.

“The atmosphere inside is absolutely fantastic. I didn’t think Blackpool would be able to attract such a big and fantastic crowd. Everybody in there today has been so friendly, and such a lovely atmosphere. And such a lovely setting. And we are really pleased to host it this year in Blackpool. And we hope that they come back again.”

In addition to elaborate facial hair, competitors often wear elaborate costumes to complete their looks. The crowd is full of admirals, pirates, British kings, and other royalty.

But maybe more than anything, this competition is about a community coming together to celebrate their hairy hobby.

“It was very nice to compete here, because we want to have a friendship all over the world.”

Beard and moustache competitions take place in many countries around around the world. Recent world championships have been held in Austin, Texas, and in Austria.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, get your beard oil and grooming kit ready. You might just win, by a hair.