End Of An Era Passes As Last 9/11 Rescue Dog Dies At 16 Years Old

After showing much promise in intense search and rescue training, Denise Corliss brought a golden retriever named Bretagne to the ranks of Texas Task Force 1.

As the pair trained, they were met with no immediate call to action, just radio silence — that is until 9/11.

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A day that no amount of training could prepare the masses for.

Bretagne (pronounced “Brittany”) was called to her very first rescue mission: the aftermath of 9/11.

As most of the country fell in shock over the twin towers falling in New York City, Texas Task Force 1 geared up for duty.

Both Bretagne and her human Denise began the search for any survivors that were trapped underneath the remains of what was the two towers.

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It was reported that 300 additional search and rescue dogs were present in the traumatic days and weeks after 9/11 — where both human and dog were on a mission to find more survivors.

But the dogs did not just rescue lives, they also left a smile on firemen, first responders and rescue worker’s faces — helping with the PTSD from the horrifying attacks.

Beyond 9/11, Bretagne continued to rescue lives with helping in search and rescue efforts like Hurricane Katrina as well as Hurricane Ivan.

Eventually, Bretagne retired – staying with her mom, Denise.

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Even as she grew old, Denise said she still loved “searching” for things in the house.

But right before Bretagne’s 17th birthday — the retriever stopped eating and seemed to be fading and quickly.

It was found that Bretagne’s kidneys were failing and it was time for her to pass on to the next life.

Bretagne was not just a kind spirit to many humans, but also a hero in one of America’s most tragic moments.

Denise then moved forward with the decision to put Bretagne down and as you can imagine, Denise was moved to tears.

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As Bretagne walked into the vet’s office for the last time, her fellow colleagues sent her off with a hero’s salute.

There was not a dry eye in sight.

She would have turned 17 in August.

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To watch the heartbreaking video, scroll on below.

One user said: “That dog has done more for our country in 17 years than I ever will.”

While another shared: “Paradise is open to all Creatures. – Pope Francis. Here is one such a creature that is going to Paradise. Sad to say some people, living much longer lives than this beautiful creature, do not do half of the good it did. May its Paradise be filled with fluffy pillows, and wonderful dog chews.”

And to to end on a positive note, one user shared a sentimenent I think we all can relate to…

“This is so beautiful. These Police dogs are just like Police men. They deserve respect as well. R.I.P. Bretagne.”

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