People Are Getting This Body Part Shortened And It Is Actually Trending

For some, getting “work” done is a necessity. For others, it is purely cosmetic.

And almost anything can be “done” but right now, most folks are opting to shorten this body part and it is a bit….odd to say the least.

The body part you ask? Toes.


Toe shortening is becoming very popular (yes, you read that right) and we are not talking about the big toe, but your second ‘lil toe.

Wait whaaaaaat?

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Okay so let us back up. It is fairly common to have a long ‘index toe’ and it is also noted to be absolutely normal.

That whole ‘your metatarsal is connected to your second toe’ yea not true so you can breathe easy with your long piggy.


That being said, despite it being perfectly healthy and normal — some folks want it shortened.

This is also the case when the toe is being damaged.

According to Footconsultant, in the event where there is damage being caused – there are only two options to chose from. Padding or the toe-shortening procedure.

The latter is considered a ‘simple’ procedure that fixes the pointer toe.

Image via Footconsultant

If you’re not good with blood and body parts, this next part may not be for you.

The first step in this simple procedure? The tip of the toe is *gulp* cut off.


This is done before a section of the bone is removed to make the toes the correct length. The bones are then remodeled into a more correct shape and can be held in place with either wire or an implant. Thankfully, you are under a local anesthetic but still. OUCH.

It is noted that most patients require three stitches and the toe is closed up.

Don’t worry, it gets more gross.

The excess skin is known to resemble a pushed-up jacket sleeve and okay we are done here.


Anyhow, you will be back on your feet within weeks but your new toes may take some time to settle in and wearing shoes may take a while. Like….a whole month.

And the price tag on the operation? It ranges from $1,700-$2,200.

Footconsultant additionally offers prices for two toes, three toes, four toes – but not five toes. I guess, five is where they draw the line or maybe they assume at least ONE of your toes is cosmetically pleasing.


“Long toes are not simply a cosmetic issue, they can in many cases result in a buckling of the toe itself which over time becomes permanent.” a consultant podiatric surgeon at Footconsultant, Stuart Metcalfe, told LADbible.

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“This is in turn often leads to increased pressure over the tip of the toe and over the top of the knuckle joint of the toe. The problem is that these changes develop slowly over time and often the underlying cause goes unnoticed by patients.”

So if you have made it this far in the post and you have decided you are in the market for a few new toes, you may want to start saving now as the podiatry practice is in the UK.

And to that, I say, well isn’t that toe-tastic?!


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