This Woman With Down Syndrome Has Dreams Come True When She Gets To Be Flight Attendant For The Day

A Roseville woman with Down syndrome named Tracy had always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.

Southwest Airlines wanted to make this dream come true and gave Tracy the day of a lifetime.

Prepare for an overload of sweetness.


So how did this dream become a reality?

Tracy made a new friend that wanted to help in making her deepest wish, come true.

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Vicki had flown with Tracy on a recent flight from Texas to Sacramento, and both women felt they had made a strong connection. After Vicki learned about Tracy’s dream of being a flight attendant, Vicki partnered with Southwest to help make Tracy her assistant on a flight, a reality.


Hold my box of tissues, I just ran out and need to get three more boxes.

In the video, Vicki asks Tracy: “Would you please come join me on the airplane and would you be my assistant flight attendant?”

To which Tracy responds, “Yes!”

And Vicki then enthusiastically responds, “You think it’d be okay with mom and dad? Dad? Well of course…”


Above is actual footage of me getting all choked up about the preciousness going on right now.

Tracy then received her official southwest “wings” which included her name, a badge, a backpack along with a few other essential items to help her on her first flight as an assistant.

Tracy says she was so excited that she had to share the news and make a call.

“I told the rest of my family about it,” she said.

Vicki and her new assistant, Tracy, flew from Sacramento International Airport to Seattle before returning home.

The whole plane gave a huge applause as they landed in honor of Tracy.


Both Tracy and her dad said that after the amazing opportunity, they have become life-long Southwest customers and will not fly with any other carrier.

“It’s just amazing what they’re doing for Tracy,” Tracy’s dad Terry shared.

“I can’t believe that she gets the opportunity to do something that she’s wanted to do,” Tracy’s mom Linda said.

To watch the touching video, scroll on below.

One commenter from the CBS Sacramento Tweet that has over 2,000 views and counting, said:

“Faith in humanity has been restored. .. just a small gesture with monumental impact and reward. Good job southwest.”

You can say that again. After a lot of drama that has happened this past year on multiple flights, it is amazing to see such kind-hearted, goodwill happening. Another older user shared that he even shed tears at the video…

“I’m a 71 y o man and must admit my eyes teared up. God bless you both and others who made it happen.”

We love you Vicki and Tracy, you are ultimate friendship goals.


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