Science Has Determined How Many Friends You Really Need

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How many friends do you have?

Ok got that number? Now get ready to downsize your crew.

According to new research, you only need five friends in your life. British psychologist, Robin Dunbarm breaks down our friendships into layers.

The top layer consists of a spouse or best friend that you interact with daily. The next includes up to four people — that you care about and require weekly attention to maintain the relationship. The layers after that are made up of mere acquaintances.

Each layer is consistent with contact — better friends require more contact or they turn into acquaintances.

Experts say having shallow relationships can lead to loneliness, which could lead to an increased risk of death.

You can also feel stress for having too many obligations — which is another reason to keep your clique small.

So despite racking up hundreds of friends on social media, all you need in your inner circle are five loyal pals.

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