Trump Says To Reporter On Live Television That She “Never Thinks,” White House Attempts To Cover It Up

The White House just got caught in a rather awkward position.

Using its official transcript, the White House “edited” President Donald Trump’s rude comment to a female reporter on Monday.


Cecilia Vega, a journalist from ABC News, was called on by the president during the Rose Garden press conference — and then, in front of everyone, he belittled her intelligence.

But….who is surprised at this point?


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According to Twitter, White House press veteran, Tommy Christopher shared the following tweet of the incident.


But it gets worse if you can believe it.


The official White House transcript claimed that the president said: “I know you’re not thanking; you never do.” — not accepting the video evidence of the president actually saying “I know you’re not thinking; you never do.”

The White House issued a corrected transcript on Tuesday morning.

Image via The White House




And then, the president did not answer Vega’s question regarding the FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because he wanted to talk about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico instead.

The weirdness continues when Kaitlan Collins, CNN reporter, asked a similar question regarding the Supreme Court nominee — Trump told her she wasn’t “nice.”

….is it just me or do you feel like we are in the third grade right now?


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And naturally, Vega tweeted about what happened after the press conference…

And thankfully, many supporters backed Vega up on Twitter with lots of love and encouragement. One user shared…

“I watched that report [and I] had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right. I don’t know if I would have kept my composure as well as you. How you guys deal [with] Trump’s massive ego is a mystery. Kudos Ms. Vega!! I’ve always loved your reporting.”

Could you have kept your composure if that would have happened to you? I don’t know if I could have done what she did.


A fellow reporter said via Twitter in support of Ms. Vega:

“Had I been in your shoes, the stream of obscenities that would have flowed from my mouth to his gross face would have made a sailor blush. Probably why I never made it out of local news. Kudos on keeping your cool; you’re better than he is.”

Agreed. 1,010%.


And last but not least, my favorite all too-true statement from one user that did not hold back…

“I know it’s a radical thought for some folks, but many Americans feel the President should actually treat his constituents with respect. Trump has consistently demeaned, ridiculed, mocked, and been outright rude to many people already. What’s presidential about that?”

You are preaching to the choir, friend.


Vega, America has your back. Keep doing you girl.


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