Disney Kicked Out Former President Barack Obama For Breaking One Big Rule

Believe it or not, even Barack Obama has a peppered past.

What could the past president possibly could have done?

Obama was kicked out of Disneyland as a college kid — for smoking.


Shocking, I know.

At a Democratic rally in Anaheim, California, this past weekend – the former president spoke on the tale. He said he was “ashamed” about it.

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Obama shared: “I’m dating myself a little bit here. I’m ashamed to say this, so close your ears, young people, but a few of us were smoking on the gondolas.”

Barack Obama!


But the former president noted the cigarettes were just that, and nothing stronger.

He went on, saying: “There’s these two very large Disneyland police officers and they say, ‘Sir, can you come with us?’ And they escort us out of Disneyland. This is a true story, everybody — I was booted from the Magic Kingdom.”

Talk about a rebel!


The former president said that when he was a child and visited, he thought Disneyland was “the bomb.”

You are not wrong, my friend!

And Disney being one for making dreams come true, tweeted out that Obama can come back any time — just as long as he doesn’t try and smoke.

CEO Bob Iger wrote: “@BarackObama just opened his speech in Anaheim with a story from his college years about getting kicked out of Disneyland for smoking cigarettes on a ride. He can always come back, as long as he doesn’t smoke.”


Nowadays, the park has a smoking area — and these spots are the only ones you can do the dirty deed.

Smoking, I mean.

But that is not Disney’s only rule for its staff

The actors at Disney are prohibited from saying “I don’t know” under any circumstance.


A former Disney employee shared: “If a guest asks you a question, you always have to have an answer, no exceptions. If you don’t know it, find out, but don’t say you don’t know. If it’s a silly question, make up a silly answer.”

And staff members are reminded to come up with an answer quickly, so next time you visit, test a character in the park!

I believe these rules should be applied to the real life too.


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Commenters appreciated the former president’s down to earth, sense of humor about the situation. One user shared via Twitter:

“I love a man that admits HE’S NOT PERFECT and is human enough to make mistakes…plus, a sense of humor…oh, how I miss you…I wish I had appreciated you more when we had you.”

I second that. We love and miss you Obama! Keep us posted next time you swing through Disney and take lots of pics! Someone has to make sure you’re not lighting up a square.


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