‘Liquid Camouflage’ Is The Newest Drug-Smuggling Trend

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

A new drug trend called ‘liquid camouflage’ is becoming the newest technique in drug-smuggling. An Arizona woman has been accused of using this method to mail meth-laced letters to four inmates at a jail in Phoenix, ABC15 reports.

Natasha Geach was arrested after video surveillance revealed a conversation between her and an inmate discussing drugs coming into the jail.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Geach sprayed liquid meth over documents that were found in the cells of four different inmates.

ABC15 spoke to DEA agents to learn more about how people are using this liquid camouflage.

“Spraying on paper, mailing it through the US Postal Service and things like that,” Jeffrey Scott with the DEA said, explaining the way liquid camouflage is used. “Then they can ingest it that way too. You can ingest the paper.”

Not only are people using this smuggle method to get into jails, but it’s also being used to get drugs over the border.

“It is a unique method, that they are trying more often and one that we are just as equally a tuned to and we’re out looking for,” said Scott.

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