Hair Dye Causes Man’s Forehead To Swell At An Alarming Size Due To Allergic Reaction

There is a reason why on the back of hair dye boxes it tells you to test the product on your arm before you put it on your head…two words:

Allergic reaction.

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Do you see where I am going with this?


A student from Gothenburg, Sweden, by the name of Stina Jörnvik, shared a photo of a classmate who had a crazy allergic reaction to the hair dye.

And, for the internet’s viewing pleasure, she posted them via Twitter.

The dye appeared to make the classmate’s forehead and hairline blow up – making the top part of his head appear twice as big as the bottom half.


Stina explained what happened via Twitter:

“My classmate would paint the hair, he realised he was allergic to hair colour. BEST I SET [sic]”

And naturally, the tweet went viral and fast — with many folks expressing concern at how bad the reaction for the classmate had been.

Others opened up about their allergic reactions – some, including photos – out of respect for the classmate.


YIKES people?! What kind of hair dye are you buying so I can avoid that brand like the plague?!


And like every good story, the posting found its way to Reddit and users shared valuable information as well as cheeky quips.

One user shared:

“I’ve had this happen before- it took a long while, especially since the residual dyes stay in the hair. I think I remember is staying for at least a week, and I ended up getting a secondary staph infection on my scalp beyond that. It was a horrible experience.”


While another said…

“…so this is why box dyes give you more directions on how to test hair dye on yourself than how to actually dye your hair. Huh.”


While another went into the science behind it all…

“It’s very rare, but still worth knowing. I was actually just reading up on it out of curiosity, and read a story about a woman who did patch test and it was fine, and still ended up near death in the ER when she went ahead with the dye, so who knows, maybe it’s just an acceptable risk issue and patch testing is for suckers. Although, this woman had been hospitalised previously for an allergic reaction to hair dye, so maybe that was just a Darwin award attempt.”


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And my personal favorite:

“I really wanna know what the doctor said when you walked into the ER or whatever

Dr: so what brings you here toda…….

F: so uhh, I don’t feel like I’m dying but I thought I should get this looked at?? [points at head]

Dr: yeah, just follow me…”


We hope Stein’s classmate-friend is okay, or if not – we hope he at least gets into the Guiness World Book of Records or something for all the trouble he went though…


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