Russian Body Builder Injects Insane Amount Of Oil Into Biceps To Look Like This

In a day and age where how we present ourselves important — looks have become everything.

Whether you are looking for a job, a partner or more friends, there is an intense pressure to present yourself as ‘perfect’ to the world these days.


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But let’s be honest. The unrealistic standard of beauty includes some crazy methods that just aren’t feasible for the average human like owning a cryo-chamber or working out an insane amount per day.

And Kirill Tereshin, a 21-year-old from Russia, totally gets it and promotes an alternative to fitness.

Tereshin has made his rounds on the internet due to injecting himself with a substance called synthol. He believes instead of diet and exercise, the injections allow him to grow to an unnatural size without any of the work. The bodybuilder who boasts multiple images to his 500,000 plus fans on social media, now claims he has the biggest arms in Russia.

Kirill has stated: “Nobody has arms like that, that is it, I am number one.”


As reported by LADbible last year, Kirill does work out in addition to using synthol, but said that he would like to break bodybuilding records, and after injecting synthol saw his arms grow by 10 inches in just 10 days.

Kirill does work out in while using synthol but says that he would desire to break bodybuilding records.

In just 10 days, Kirill was able to grow his arms by 10 inches after the injections.


He did find, however, injecting himself with 250 ml into his biceps only proved limited growth.

Kirill shared: “In order to reach such a size, you need to inject litres into your arms… I was doing it and getting a fever of up to 40 degrees, I was lying in bed, feeling like I was dying, but then it all turned out fine.”

Uhm, that doesn’t sound healthy..


As you can imagine, some have been critical about the bodybuilder’s methods. Some even said how if his muscles were meat, they would not be fit for human consumption due to the substances injected into them.

But why are we thinking about eating this dude’s arms? Shouldn’t we be wondering if we could pop them like a pimple? Because I feel like that hits closer to home than cannibalism.

Just me?


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The bodybuilder also seems to have a history of shocking body changes such as dyeing his hair, wearing make-up and toying with the idea of breast implants.

Whoa there, nelly.

Hold your horses. That’s a little much.


But according to doctors, they say the bodybuilder is severely hurting his health as synthol can cause ulcers, granuloma, pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage and even strokes.

Maybe Kirill should stick to dyeing his hair or something a little less dangerous because folks, let’s be real….size is just one slice of the cake…


Take a peek at the body builder’s physique, below.

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