Artist Shames People Who Requested His Portraits For Free With Stick Drawings And It’s Hilarious

There is nothing more annoying than people who constantly hit you up for free stuff.

No one likes a freeloader and we all have someone in our life that does it and usually, doesn’t know it.


So when Jon Arton – a fantastically amazing artist who lives in Birmingham, England – recieved messages from patrons who don’t want to pay up for his work that supports his lifestyle….he gets creative.

Let’s back up.

Jon has a super popular Instagram filled with amazing work.

It’s spooky how good it is.

And more often than not, people reach out and request drawings….for free.


He told Buzzfeed that he gets quite a few requests and it wasn’t until recently he decided to give these folks exactly what they asked for.

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The results are both hilarious and the responses are too.

Jon shared with Buzzfeed:

“I got a little irritated by them and sending a silly picture seemed like a funny idea. It was a bit therapeutic.”

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Under one of Jon’s posts, he writes:

“Yes another “free” art post, only it’s not free anymore! You people love my hyper-realistic style so much you’re willing to pay your hard earned cash for it! I was happy to keep doing it for free, but as you were so insistent I thought I’d let you pay….don’t worry about me guys, I don’t need the money not with all this free “exposure”! All I ask from you is a small donation and maybe some nice comments below like “what a hero!” and “I lolled”

The cheeky artist announced in the post that all of his donations would go towards Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The artist is a good sport about it all, to say the least. Under another post, he quips:

“As I’m now over 45k followers I thought it would only be right in giving you, the little people something back. My DMs are full of free drawing requests so I thought, why not do a few more!
Nothing gives me more pleasure than offering a few down and out people who can’t afford a piece of art the opportunity to own something priceless. I imagine these stunning pieces will be passed down from generation to generation as one man’s (me) example of selfless generosity. I don’t expect adoration or applause all I ask from you is a handful of likes, a few follows and maybe some comments such as “lol” and “this Jonarton guys real swell!” Thank you all!”

Show Jon some love and support buy checking out his Instagram and Etsy pages.

And don’t ask him to do something for free unless you really want to be shamed by the masses- you have been warned and the sass is real.


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