Kate Middleton Reportedly Recommended This One Thing To Michelle Obama

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

Duchess Kate Middleton and First Lady Michelle Obama may have been swapping beauty tips without us knowing.

Rumor has it that the royal mom of two once recommended Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel — a non-injectable “organic Botox” — to Michelle.

As you can see in the video above, some people are now eager to snag the cream for themselves, while others don’t believe the first lady ever needed it in the first place.

However, FLOTUS’ makeup artist Carl Ray reportedly said himself, “Michelle, Obama has been using this organic Botox gel regularly on the recommendation of Kate Middleton.”

He also said “the effect is unbelievable.”

With that said, there has been speculation in the past from experts about the legitimacy of the product.

For the record, we think both ladies are gorgeous with or without it.

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