Woman Discovers McDonald’s Ketchup Dispenser Was Full Of Maggots

McDonald’s is a staple in most American’s lives at some point — whether it’s to grab a quick, cheap bite to eat before class or to cure your hangover on Saturday morning, McDonald’s hits the spot.

But recently, McDonald’s has been under fire in regards to sanitation standards.


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So before we go into this story any further: to all those who are currently eating food right now, I suggest you take a break — unless you have an iron-clad stomach.

There has been recent footage that has been released of maggots being found in a McDonald’s ketchup dispenser.





I think I just baby threw up in my mouth a little.

Here is your next warning….behold, the video of said dispenser below.

WARNING: It’s really, really gross.


The video has views of over 44K and counting.

The incident happened at a McDonald’s in Cambridge, England, and the tweet was posted to Twitter by Bella Ritchie, the brave soul.

She said: “Never going near the ketchup in McDonald’s again. I told one member of staff and she literally just ignored me and carried on serving customers. We had to literally stop someone from eating it because they didn’t realise. It’s so grim.”


Bella also posted to Twitter how she immediately told a staff member and they ignored her, continuing to serve customers. She along with a friend emailed the manager to inform them of the disturbing site.

A McDonald’s spokesperson responded saying:

“Hi Isabella, I’m very sorry to see this happened. So we can investigate, can you please send us a DM and let me know which restaurant this was and the time of your visit? Our teams will then be able to look into this for you immediately.”

But the response was a day late.

McDonald’s then tweeted at Isabella again, saying: “…We have found your friend’s email to our Customer Services team and they are picking this up directly and launching the investigation. Should you require any further assistance from us or have any further questions, please send us a DM.”



We are not sure if the issue was resolved but folks were disgusted, to say the least.

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One user who said he is a chef commented:

“I’m a chef, almost 48 and have been in food service since I was 11 and started washing dishes. I have seen things in kitchens that would make you never eat out again. Don’t look behind the curtain to hard, you will find just a man pulling levers.”

While another shared a suggestion to bypass the issue altogether:

“I read how an employee simply ignored your concerns. And they want $15/hr – if they aren’t receiving it already. Robots and ketchup packets: problem solved.”

Not sure if that would be a solution but folks, we can’t stress it enough.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Ronald McDonald swears it.


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