Concept Train Could Whisk Passengers From Earth To The Moon In 7 Hours

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If you’ve always dreamt of going to space but simply couldn’t find the time in your busy schedule, then boy, do we have some news for you!

A Canadian group has just released its concept design for a space train called the Solar Express that could theoretically get you to the heavens and back in just 7 hours — assuming there’s no traffic.

According to Imaginactive’s website, the system would be “used to ferry humans, supplies and minerals between celestial bodies and space stations in our solar system.”

The train itself would consist of six replaceable cylinders, each approximately 164-feet long, launched into space with rocket boosters.

Image via Charles Bombardier/Olivier Péraldi/Boris Schwarzer

The Solar Express would then speed around space through a combination of gravity and stored fuel.

According to its creators, one of the keys to the design is that the train would run continuously, reducing the significant amount of energy and expenses spent during “the acceleration and deceleration phases.”

And if the thought of going to the moon excites you, then get this — the ‘Solar Express’ could theoretically shuttle passengers from Earth to Mars in 37 hours.

Who knows where it could ultimately take us.

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