OPINION: Former President Obama And First Lady Get Slammed For High Fees For Speaking But Here Is Why It’s Okay

Michelle Obama is nothing short of amazing.

And she knows her worth.

With her tour coming up to promote her memoir Becoming — tickets will not be cheap if you want to see the former First Lady.

Tickets are over $100 for “an intimate conversation” with Michelle, while VIP packages are as much as $3,000.


As you can imagine, some folks are not happy about the pricing.

But Michelle’s fees are nowhere near the hefty price tag the former president Obama boasts. A Cantor Fitzgerald organized-healthcare conference was once reported to have shelled out $400,000 to have Mr. Obama speak.

Okay, that’s a bit much.

BUT this IS the people’s president we are talking about…


Matthew Yglesias, writing on behalf of Vox, is one of the few who are not fans of the price tag — saying that if the Obamas truly cared about the national and global political movement, the pair needs to start “behaving with a higher degree of personal integrity than their rivals.”

While Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson said with the pair making large amounts of money, it is not fair when there are currently so many Americans, struggling. Additionally, he believes that the Obama’s should find common ground between Bill and Hillary’s money-making schemes and Jimmy Carter’s humble investments.

To which I say on behalf of both Obama’s…


In my opinion, I don’t think this is corrupt. Both the Obamas have a natural talent for speaking and their time should be valued.

Yes, they once held a place of power.

Yes, many people look up to them.

But those who don’t want to spend that much money on having the pair speak, won’t and those who do, well if they can afford it — then I don’t see the issue.

Yes, many Americans are struggling.

But those Americans aren’t struggling because the Obama’s are taking away money that could go into their pockets.


My point you ask?

Let them make money to help change the world by speaking!

They are people too, with kids to take care of and a retirement fund to build.

Just because they get paid for doing something they love, they should not get shamed for it.

Oh, and side note: a portion of Michelle Obama’s funds will go to charity.

Do selfish former politicians give a portion of their salary to charity?


I am not sure if there is such a thing between finding “common ground” in regards to making X-amount of money. I feel like no amount of what a former politician currently makes will please everyone. Someone out there is bound to be unhappy.

What could make the situation better?

Looking out for those who make the least amount of all of us and calling out politicians, current and former ones, when they do not make the efforts to help support those of us who are at a lesser disadvantage.

And frankly, with the current state of affairs in regards to our current president who has capitalized his time in office in more ways than one — this really should be the last thing we are talking about in my opinion.


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