Science Discovers That Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Mothers

If you have not called up your mom lately, now is the perfect opportunity.

And it is not just because she’s great (because we know she totally is) but she may be responsible for your killer job, amazing partner and/or your best friends.

Wait, what?


MY MOM?!?!?


Stay with me….

According to recent studies, science has discovered that children inherit their intelligence from their mothers.

Well, how about them apples?


A few are not exactly won over with this idea but there is research to back it up.

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How does research carry this claim?

According to a handful of studies, the X chromosome is responsible for carrying intelligence.

And it is known that intelligence is hereditary.

But as of late, multiple studies have shown that children are more likely to receive intelligence from the mother as they have two of these chromosomes (XX) and men have just the one (XY) — which means, your mom is twice as likely to have passed down her wits about her to you, than your dad.


In a study at the University of Cambridge in 1984, it was found that genetically modified laboratory mice that received an extra dose of maternal genes developed a bigger head and brain, but had tiny bodies.

And, as you can imagine — they did the same with the paternal genes, giving mice an extra dose. What happened? The mice had small brains and large bodies.

And in another study from the Medical Reseach Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow, found that children’s IQs tended to be similar to their mothers — according to The Mirror.


Interviews were given to children ages 14 to 22 with multiple factors being taken into account – including education as well as socio-economic status.

And the results?

The best predictor of intelligence was the mothers, with young people’s IQs being close to 15 points different.

Naturally, some are not so quick to agree with the findings i.e. my dad.

But whether you chose to believe it or not, there is further research that genetics are not the sole factor in determining a child’s intellect.


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It has been found that 40-60 percent of intelligence is hereditary according to Psychology Spot and the rest of it?

That comes from our environment. So, parents, it takes two to raise a kid — not just the momma. Remember that it takes both of you to help build your children’s skills, confidence and intellect.

To the mom’s out there, everywhere — we kids want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts. We would not be in this place in life without you and it is all because, well, — you are one smart cookie.

So thank you, we love you and we promise we will call more. I PROMISE MA! I PROMISE!


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