This Man Shames ‘Good Place’ Star Jameela Jamil And She Claps Back With Perfect Response

After being body-shamed by a stranger at her gym, Jameela Jamil is over it.

The troll allegedly told Jamil how “amazing” she could look if she made greater efforts to “improve” her body.

Okay, first of all, ew, gross, just stop right now.


In the past few months, Jamil has become a huge part of the body positivity movement, spearheading the “I Weigh” campaign and constantly sharing how important it is to value oneself from the inside out.

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So what exactly happened at the gym and why did a complete stranger feel the need to share an unwanted opinion?

The full story went like this, in a video posted to Twitter, Jamil shared how she was at her gym when a man approached her who began asking her what exercises she had been doing.

Jamil responded, sharing how she had been cycling as it really helps her anxiety.

The man then crossed the line and made a few observations about her body “without prompt.”

Jamil then shared how the man had apparently seen her at the gym quite a few times and had always thought to himself: “Ah what a shame. She could look so amazing.”


Jamil went on to say how this type of behavior can potentially make people feel as though they will be judged if they go to the gym — which leaves them no motivation to continue going.

“Don’t walk up to someone and impose your belief of what you think they should look like onto them. Don’t do that to women, don’t do that to men, don’t do it to anyone,” she said.

“Don’t stop yourself going to the gym because of these stupid people who they themselves are, clearly, slightly insecure, which is why they’re even thinking about you like that.”

I could not agree more.


Right after posting the tweet about the trolling man incident, Jamil posted another video that showed her eating a burger, with the caption:

“To the man that body-shamed me in the gym yesterday… #ohwellbruv.”

Oh my god she is everything I want to be.

She. Is. Savage.


Additionally, Jamil wrote an open letter for the HuffPost that dives into her experience as well as explains how the man seemed shocked when she informed him how content she was with her body.

“Fascinating isn’t it? In 2018, someone felt they not only had the right, but the duty if you will, to tell me I wasn’t good enough as I was,” she wrote.

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The letter continued to promote how people think of exercise and how the emphasis should be on the benefits it can have on your mental health over solely the physical.

“You deserve to feel happy and strong, you owe nothing to anyone and I swear to you, you will feel amazing,” she wrote.

Girl, amen and amen and AMEN!


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