This Cop Pulls Over To Investigate Mysterious Man On Road, Finds He Is Saving A Life

A 19-year-old from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota named Cristopher Felix was just driving by his home one when fate jumped out in front of him and had other plans.

In this case, fate was a squirrel and Felix did not see him coming, hitting the squirrel.


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The squirrel had disappeared under the vehicle and was found lying in the road. Felix stopped, pulled over and went to see if the squirrel could be revived.

“I felt pretty bad for what happened,” Felix told The Dodo. “All I was thinking about was just to try to help the squirrel out because I just thought that would have been the best thing. The poor squirrel wasn’t able to move, so I pick it up with my glove, set it on the grass and started to do chest compressions.”

Ten minutes into Felix attempting to save the squirrel, Brooklyn Park police saw his parked car with the driver’s door left wide opened and stopped to question the man.


The local police were on a routine patrol when they found the man bent down near the curb. The police stopped to check if everything was okay. One of the officer’s body cameras recorded the entire interaction. The one officer in the recorded video can be heard asking:

“Is he giving him CPR? I think it is, look at him!”

The other officer walked up to Felix, asking: “What happened?”

To which the Felix replied: “I kind of ran him over a little bit. Yeah, so you know, try to help it out.”

The officer then asked, “Is he squished anywhere?”

“No I kind of swerved a bit.” Felix sheepishly admitted.


“Maybe you just scared him.” the officer stated, while the other asked, “The tire didn’t hit him, though?”

To which Felix replied, “I don’t think so.”

Then, the officer suggested the boy flip the squirrel over on his back. The officers agreed that the squirrel most likely was in shock due the trauma of the tire almost hitting him. Felix then turned over the squirrel and started massaging the neck as the squirrel laid stiffly in the grass.


The officers then noticed the squirrel coming around. Then, as one officer joked how he should put up Felix up for a life-saving award, the squirrel jumped up and ran off.

The officers and Felix whooped cheers for the little animal and gave each other high fives all around. The crew agreed it was in fact, a great day.

“I was very happy to help out something so little. It’s a life that is saved,” he said. “I’m glad I was there to help it that day. I was super happy to help it and so were the police that saw it with me.”

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We hope that squirrel lives a long and acorn-filled life.


To watch the full video of Felix’s heroics, click here.

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