This ‘Sexist’ Magazine Advertisement From A Hotel Chain Will Make You Shake Your Head

The below advertisement seems like your standard, run of the mill ad for a fancy hotel, a pair of two lovebirds gazing at each other fondly while in crisp, white robes, dining on luxurious, over-priced room service while doing some light reading.

Image via Twitter / Sofitel

But if you look a little closer, the image may not be so innocent.

The Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, was recently forced to take down this very advertisement after many, many people thought it was sexist.


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You may be thinking to yourself right now, “What?! Okay. Hold on. That is crazy. All I see is just two folks waking up, sharing a meal together and also reading. How could someone mess that up, how can THAT be sexist?!”

Well, let’s zoom in a bit, shall we?

Upon further inspection, let us visit the respective couple’s reading choices. The man is reading a newspaper, a copy of the Financial Review to be exact, very manly business going on here. This all seems fine and good, let’s move on.

And the woman?

She’s reading a huge Chanel, coffee table book.

Like….we women do.

We don’t actually, in case you were wondering if that was a sarcastic comment or not.

What is this, Devil Wears Prada? Also, what hotel has THAT nice of coffee table books? The only books I see at hotels are the sad pocket sized ones that want to convert me to the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Ooph. I feel the sexist coming out in this photo. This isn’t comfortable.


And the second offending puzzle piece in the sexist picture?

The continental breakfast.

I can see you protesting now.

“Really? Breakfast? SEXIST? This article has gone too far.” but stay with me my friends.

It’s all about the positioning.

Please observe the man who is sitting right next to the platter of pastries. Again, nothing to see here. Just a man and his baked goods. I buy it.

Now, let’s cut to the woman.

What’s sitting by her?


Because. Women. Don’t. Eat. Carbs. Apparently.


A spokesperson for Sofitel Hotels said: “There was no intention of portraying a stereotype, but we recognise it and apologise for any offence that it has caused.”

Apology noted.

But let’s bring down the truth hammer, shall we?

The breakfast bit may be a stretch but the light reading? I think we can all agree, women can read the Financial Review too.


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The spokesperson continued on saying:

“The creative has since been pulled from any future communications activity.”

Good. And if they need some pointers about how to paint the scenario of waking up in a hotel room, both the man and the woman should be showing each other memes on their iPhone’s.

That’s real.

Besides, who reads the paper anymore?


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