Crocodile Makes Itself Right At Home, Lounges Outside Louisiana Home In Video

Last Friday, one alligator made himself right at home in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, so much that he just plopped down in front of the door like a doormat.

The official Facebook page for the St. Martin Parish Sherrif’s Office shared a photo of the croc just chillin’ on a front porch.


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“So….you never know what may show up on your doorstep!” the post said. “Just another day in the life of a St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputy.”

As you can imagine, many folks quickly became comedians and commented on the croc’s demeanor with captions like “here kitty kitty,” and “Home Security System,” as well as “Solicitors Will Be Eaten,” and my personal favorite, “New WELCOME Mat.”


All solid zingers, if I do say so myself. In the video recorded by Lindy Seymour, the news can be heard in the background as she carries her phone to the window. Once at the window, she is met with a scaley-surprise. The crocodile looks perfectly content and doesn’t move an inch.

But according to the experts at Professional Wildlife Removal, getting rid of a crocodile is not easy. The site shares how it is not common for crocodiles to damage residential areas but it is common for the crocodiles to wander into your swimming pool, front yard or in this case, right to your front door.


Sometimes crocodiles can be lured to your property because of a pet or sometimes, sheer curiosity. Hey, maybe they really have a thing for your topiaries! The site encourages property owners to invest in a fence if you do not already have one. And it doesn’t even need to be tall as crocodiles are not very skilled when it comes to overcoming barriers.


Unfortunately, there is not much you can do with a crocodile on your property without professional help. And it should be noted that it’s not just big crocodiles you should be wary of as even small crocodiles can be very dangerous and very, very strong. Professionals that are licensed by the state to remove crocodiles will work in teams to set a trap to remove the massive beasts from your home but be warned, crocodiles are still able to make a kill while caught in the trap.


Once the crocodiles are securely contained, those that are under four feet are able to be relocated but those that are bigger are killed humanely — the meat and hides being sold off. It may surprise many that the revenue garnered by this process has reached into the millions. The site also warns that if you have had a crocodile in your yard once before, there is a good chance you could have one again so be sure to take preventative action to make your home and yard unappealing.

To the crocodiles that is…


To watch the homebody-crocodile, click here.

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