Official From US Wildlife Poses With Animals He Killed In Africa, Governor Ask For His Resignation

After posting multiple pictures bragging about the staggering amount of animals he has shot and killed while hunting, this wildlife official has been facing a world of hate.

Blake Fischer, an Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner – along with his wife – have been posting photos with the 14 types of animals they have jointly killed.

Couples who kill together, stay together I guess…?


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The animals that they have killed have included a giraffe, leopard, impala, sable antelope, waterbuck, kudu, warthog, gemsbok (oryx) and eland.

And people are not impressed.

Not very impressed, at all.


It, unfortunately, gets worse.

Fischer then allegedly sent both the photos along with the descriptions of the kills to more than 100 people.

Was this in a group text? Was he promoting his weapons? We are still scratching our heads on this one, but I know I would hate to be on the receiving end of THAT message….


Multiple images display the animals being positioned in a stereotypical African game hunting style, one caption reading: “So I shot a whole family of baboons.”

And since the posting, a spokesman for Governor C.L ‘Butch’ Otter’s Jon Hanian informed The Idaho Statesmanin the governor’s office is currently investigating.

But the kicker? Blake doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong.

“I didn’t do anything illegal. I didn’t do anything unethical. I didn’t do anything immoral.”


Try the word, unethical, Blake.

Blake slaughtered most of the animals in Namibia. It was there that Blake said “he received a list of species he could hunt and was required to pay a trophy fee for certain animals.” according to LAD Bible.

“Baboons are free,” he told the Statesman. “I get it – they’re a weird animal. It’s a primate, not a deer.”

Huh? Ooph. This is so many levels of not okay.


Another caption Blake wrote himself regarding a leopard he killed, said killing it was ‘crazy cool.’

As you can imagine, the controversial photos stirred many to question if Blake should be able to continue being a commission member.

Keith Stonebraker, a former commision member, said that he also does not approve of Blake’s behavior and would like an official apology.

Stonebraker said:

“They killed a whole family, including small baboons, and I think that’s revolting. It just puts a bad light on us.”

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Blake serves on a commision that usually creates the policy decisions regarding Idaho’s wildlife, often times managing game populations through hunting and fishing regulations.

Blake said: “I look at the way Idaho’s Fish and Game statute says we’re supposed to manage all animals for Idaho, and any surplus of animals we have we manage through hunting, fishing and trapping. Africa does the same thing.”

Define surplus, Blake.

Because I am 99.9% that last I checked, a lot of the wildlife Africa has to offer is of the exotic, rare and on the brink of extinction variety.


Thankfully, as of today — Governer Butch Otter officially called for Blake’s resignation.

And we could not be happier.

Best of luck Blake, I hear Bass Pro Outlets is hiring.


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