The Cheapest Day Of The Year To Buy Halloween Candy, Revealed

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Part of the thrill of trick-o-treating is having a seemingly unlimited supply of candy at your disposal — for free.

But whether you’re prepping your home with treats for guests throughout the night or buying in bulk for a party (or honestly, even to satisfy your own sweet tooth!), there’s definitely a strategy to knowing exactly when to get the most sugar for your buck.

According to a new study by Ibotta, Americans spent a nationwide average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy over the last two years.

The study looked at candy purchases leading up to Halloween across all 50 states for the last two years.

Oregon was the biggest winner, hitting an average of a whopping $40.29 per person spent, making it probably the best state ever for candy-crazed kids.

Ohio spent a comparably low $11.22 per person on average, making it the lowest spending state on Halloween candy.

What was most shocking in the data was the discrepancies in prices of candy within a matter of days leading up to Halloween.

The cheapest day to buy Halloween candy, according to the data?

Four days before Halloween (October 27), when the average price was $1.94 per unit.

And, as most would assume, the day right before Halloween (October 30) was the most expensive, striking an average price of $2.75 at nearly an entire dollar more per unit.

So whether you’re leaving a bucket of candy outside your front door or rationing off one piece to every visitor that stops by, just know that you can never have enough of a sweet thing.

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