Woman Says African American Child ‘Touched Her Butt,’ At Brooklyn Deli, Calls 911

A young boy from Brooklyn was walking with his family when a white woman claimed that the boy touched her inappropriately.

Teresa Klein, the woman, then immediately called the police.


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Jason Stovetop Littlejohn, a Facebook user and witness of the incident, then posted a video to Facebook on Wednesday, October 10th.

“There’s videotape. The son grabbed my ass, and she decided to yell at me,” Klein speaks into the phone. Klein talks about the boy’s mother, then saying, “White lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it.”

In the background, the sounds of children crying and other witnesses can be heard yelling in the viral video. Klein then waves to the camera, proceeding to say into her phone: “I just was sexually assaulted by a child.”

A bystander then yells out: “Cornerstone Caroline. We got a new one. Make her go viral.”

And viral she went.


Klein then left the scene, returning the following Friday to the deli to view surveillance video of the alleged incident — complete with local media crews and community members present.

Littlejohn was also there once again, filming. In the surveillance footage, it shows Klein bending over the checkout counter of the deli. Klein looks to be searching for a clerk, when the young boy, his sister, and mother pass behind her and leave the store.

The boy does not touch Klein but it is thought that a bag he is carrying brushed up against her. Klein immediately turns around, pointing toward the family outside and waves. She then taps her behind and gyrates at the door.

That’s a bit…much.


The boy’s mother then returns to the store, addresses Klein and pulls out what looks to be a badge.
Klein then begins to make a phone call. Klein finally admitted after watching the footage this past Friday, “The child accidentally brushed up against me.”

“Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry,” she stated.

“We cannot dismiss false complaint calls to the police with mere apologies, sincere or not,” President Eric Adams of the Brooklyn Borough shared in a statement. “We need to be clear: There are consequences for outlandish and threatening public behavior that seeks to intimidate innocent bystanders, especially children.”

YES! Thank you! Could not agree more!


Adams state the New York Police Department is currently investigating if Klein broke the law by impersonating a police officer as it was not made clear from the video if Klein claimed she was an officer but she did say that allegedly the boy’s mother had claimed to be an officer.

Adams also shared how his office is offering emotional support to the family.

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The clip went viral and has currently been shared over 150,000 times with over 35,000 comments.

To watch the perturbing clip, scroll on below.

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