Hillary Clinton Accepts Lesser Speaking Fees After National Loss

It is no secret politicians, make (usually) a lot of money — especially when it comes to speaking.

And Hilary Clinton is no exception.


That is, until as of late.

After her national loss to Trump as the former Democratic presidential candidate, her rates are a bit more affordable these days.


Last Thursday, Clinton was paid $25,000 for her speech to the University — according to Rutgers.

That is $7,000 less than Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the Jersey Shore cast member was paid $32,000 to speak in 2011 to the University.


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Clinton’s speech addressed her personal experience of being a woman in politics, saying she was “targeted” because of her gender.

Clinton also went on to share how the 2016 election was “traumatic.”

She also admitted that she had previously made a large number of comments that potentially offended a big section of voters — sharing how she wished she could take them back.

I can do better,” Clinton shared during her speech. “There are things I’ve said I’d like to take back.”

Hey, it takes a big person to admit where they were wrong.


In the past, Rutgers has invested more cash into other speakers including Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison who made $30,000 in 2011 along with former White House press secretary Bill Moyers who received a whopping $35,000 to speak in 2015.

Compared to what Clinton charged in the past, her fees could be considered economical, according to Rutgers University.

Clinton was paid $21.3 million for speeches to corporations like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs from 2013 to 2015 prior to the 2016 elections, according to the official disclosures.

That is an average of $200,000 per speech, an on occasion — over $300,000 if you do the math.


The spiked drop was noted by the Trump administration, with Kellyanne Conway mocking Clinton.

But this is Kellyanne Conway we are talking about — the woman who doesn’t know where she is half the time.


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“Hillary Clinton is still talking about her, and an election that happened a year and a half ago,” Conway stated while on Fox and Friends. “I also took note that it was publicly reported that she got about $25,000 for that speech. Woo! She used to get 10 times that, folks, 10 times that.”

After the speech concluded, Clinton shared how she did not get how people had the gall to ask her to stop touring after losing to Trump.

She pointed out how no one has ever called for men to halt their political careers or activism after losing.

“I was really struck by how people said that to me … go away, go away,” Clinton shared with the Rutgers audience. “They never said that to any man who was not elected.”

And on that note, keep going HIL! Regardless of where you stand, women should be treated equally — including women in politics.


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