Mom Sentenced To Jail Time For Baptizing Her Daughter Amid Custody Battle

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A North Carolina mother was sentenced to seven days in prison after she had her daughter baptized, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The outlet reports that parents Kendra Stocks and Paul Schaaf were locked in a bitter custody battle over their daughter at the time of the incident.

Court records show that Schaaf, a practicing Catholic who attends mass every week, was ultimately granted full custody of the child, “specifically including decisions concerning religion.”

But despite the judge’s order, Stocks had her daughter baptized in August 2016.

After Schaaf found out about the baptism on Facebook, he complained to the court, saying Stocks had acted in “bad-faith disregard” by not telling him about the ceremony and refusing to give him any role in it.

District Court Judge Sean Smith found Stocks guilty of contempt in March 2017 and sentenced her to seven days behind bars. She will report to jail on Feb. 16 to begin her brief sentence.

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