This Child With Down Syndrome Give’s Prince Harry The Sweetest Gift In Australia

If I met the Royal family, I most likely would want to tackle them with a hug but I am sure security would not be too pleased.

But this past week, the royal protocol was broken a bit when a five-year-old reached out to touch Prince Harry’s beard while he was on tour in Australia with his now wife, Meghan Markle.


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That is one lucky kid!

The pair had been in Dubbo, New South Wales, greeting Royal Flying Doctor Service volunteers while unveiling a new plane to commemorate the 90-year mark of the organization.

The couple had also been visiting the students at Buninyong Public School — which included Luke Vincent.

Vincent, a kindergartner, has Down Syndrome and upon meeting Harry and Meghan — he could not resist himself from touching Harry’s, hairy beard.

I mean, I get it.


And Harry, being the goofy Royal we all know and love — smiled from ear to ear, moved out his chin and allowed the boy to stroke it.

Vincent proceeded to give Meghan a bouquet of flowers but not before giving both the Royals a huge hug.

This kid is the absolute sweetest.


Anne Van Dartel, the school’s principal, shared that Luke had been captivated by Harry’s, facial hair.

Dartel said: “He got a hug from Meghan and then Harry bent down to speak to him and Luke didn’t give him any choice.

“Luke’s favourite person in the world is Santa Claus, who has a beard. So he rubbed Harry’s beard. It’s been a wonderful experience for these little country kids to meet people they’ve only ever seen on TV.”

His favorite person is SANTA?! This child is so pure.


And as the couple just announced they will be having a baby next spring, I think they will make for exceptional parents.

Just as long as Harry keeps growing out his beard.


Prince Harry told the crowd in his speech at Dubbo’s Victoria Park:

“Sixty-four years ago my grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were right here visiting all of you. It’s a great pleasure to be able to visit this area now and be able to report back how much life has changed in the Great Western Plains region since then. The greatest part about visiting Australia is the people. You are the salt to of the earth: honest, hardworking and as tough as they come. That resilience, sense of humour and commitment to the land are what make you unique. You are the backbone of this country.”

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This past week, an Australian news reporter gave the Meghan a huge bouquet of flowers.


Harry then quickly quipped back at the reporter, saying:

“You can’t give flowers that big to my wife! What’s that all about?”

But don’t worry, he laughed about it and shook the reporter’s hand.

Ah Royals, they never cease to surprise!


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