Former Cheerleader Whose Overdose Went Viral Shares Haunting Words About Her Experience

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A woman from Waukesha County, Wisconsin, says a viral video of her overdosing in the driver’s seat of a car made her want to turn her life around.

Katrina Henry, 26, a former high school cheerleader and current college graduate, hit rock bottom on March 21 when she crashed her car and was caught on camera suffering from a massive drug overdose.

Reports state it is likely she did cocaine laced with fentanyl — a deadly opioid.

Warning: The video of the overdose that was shared to Facebook is graphic:

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Henry says that looking back at the video that was filmed a month ago, it may have been the best thing that has ever happened to her.

“I’ve always been a ‘good kid,'” Henry told WITI. “I don’t drink. I like to paint. I like to draw. I work out. I was a cheerleader throughout high school. I had an internship. I did research with my professor and always had at least two jobs. I would have considered myself a very successful person.”

She said that a boyfriend got her addicted to Percocet, which she took in order to numb her feelings of worthlessness.

Henry said that the times she was arrested did not do as much to turn her life around as that viral video did.

“I’m getting messages from people saying they wish I would have died. I think it was very cruel,” she said. “As ashamed that I am that I hit that woman’s car, I’m also glad. No one would have found me. I would have died there. I don’t think I would have taken it as seriously. In a split second, your life can change.”

She said that the embarrassment led her to change, and talking about her issues made her feel less alone.

“I just had to have it taken away from me, or almost taken away from me, in order for me to feel like I am worth something,” Henry said. “That maybe I am here for a reason.”

Jon Adams, who recorded the original video, told CBS 58 that he thought “somebody might need to see this.”

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