Horrific Footage Is Released Of Bull Dragging Itself After Breaking Both Its Back Legs

During a bull running festival in Spain, tragic footage was released – showing a bull dragging itself on the street in an attempt to escape from its holding cage.

The bull can be seen leaping and falling onto the ground, breaking both of its back legs.


The footage was made public by the Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) an animal rights group.

The group wanted to display how bull-running festivals mistreat the bulls that are forced to participate in said festivals.


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The footage begins showing the bull briefly in its transportation cage, ahead of the festival in the village of Mejorada del Campo.

But when the bull makes a break for it and attempts to escape from its cage, according to local reports, it leaps to the ground — hitting the concrete, his legs buckling underneath him and breaking.

The footage continues showing the bull dragging itself by its front legs, its back legs lifeless and being dragged along.


The ramp was apparently too high off the ground for the bull to get down safely, according to local media, but it is not known if the matter is being investigated.

It also not clear what the current status of the bull is but it is speculated that it will most likely have to be euthanized.


The animal rights group, PACMA, has reported the incident to authorities as a case of animal abuse.

Additionally, they have requested that social media commentators help support a petition for animal protection laws in Spain to change.

As the footage was posted online, it garnered hundreds of thousands of views, along with a backlash from the animal-loving community.

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One commenter under the viral video said:

“Well, how compassionate of the Spanish government. They should be disgusted that they allow this and people are looking at this and thinking “what the h*** is wrong with those people”. I think that govt should be made accountable for all the pain and suffering caused to animals, not just bulls that happens under their governance.”

While another chimed in with:

“This is barbaric. It’s as if the Roman circus were still allowed today …. can’t we provoke an international outrage??”

A different commentator agreed with the former comment, saying:

“We don’t allow people to kill one another in gladiator fights…but we still allow such barbaric ‘games’ with animals. Just disgusting.”

Amen and amen to that.


In several counties including Spain, bull running festivals continue to be popular.

Animal right’s charities like the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and a few other campaigns for animal rights continue to combat the festivals on behalf of the safety of the animals.

You can make a change by clicking to sign the petition that urges Spain’s new Prime Minister to end the torture of bulls.

To view the viral video, scroll on below.

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