This College Grad Just Received A Job Reference For State Senator From Obama Himself

Will Haskell had not even graduated from Georgetown University when he began his campaign for the Connecticut State Senate, oh yeah — it should be noted he was just 22 years old.

Which was the same amount that Haskell’s Republican opponent had been in state office.


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Currently, Haskell has since graduated and is very close to accomplishing his goal, to win the position of State Senator.

According to The New York Times, many young runners fall short in the race as curiosity and attention is just one part of the puzzle. Donors, party leaders as well as votes are essential to winning.

Haskell was able to qualify for public financing in under a week and quickly raised over $29,000 from 450 plus donors. The state then gifted the campaign $96,000 in election grants.


Democratic leaders have vouched for Haskell, including endorsements from Senators Chris Murphy along with Richard Blumenthal, as well as Representative Jim Himes.

And of the 16 Connecticut Democrats, Haskell was additionally in Barack Obama’s second wave of 2018 midterm endorsements.

He must be good people then…


The drive behind Haskell has come to a surprise to many as his Republican opponent, Senator Toni Boucher, 68, toyed with the idea of running for governor this year.

Haskell’s age has become part of why others Democrats are sold on the young candidate over others who may have more experience.

And who is Haskell’s campaign manager? His college roommate at Georgetown in fact.


And most of Haskell’s volunteers are actually still in high school.

Those same volunteers were the ones who were moved by the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“Those students were so eloquent, I think they paved the way for a lot of young people to get involved,” Haskell noted in regards to the Parkland students.


And just because Haskell is young, it does not mean that he does not have a wealth of experience to bring to the table.

The 22-year-old has interned for Mr. Murphy as well as Mr. Himes, studied government at Georgetown and on top of all that, has worked for the Democratic National Committee’s voter protection team.

This kid hustles!


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A professor of government at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., Gary L. Rose shared how Mr. Haskell has been able to conquer three huge pitfalls for younger candidates which is name recognition, fund-raising as well as endorsements.

Time will only tell if the votes will back up Haskell but until then, let’s remember one important fact in case you have already forgotten….

The former president of THE United States i.e. Barack Obama is backing up Haskell 110% so he must be doing something right. In my book, I am sold. So Haskell, whatever happens, keep on keepin’ on. Because you got this!


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