Dad Forces Son To Wear ‘Pretty Black Dress’ At Bus Stop For Being Disrespectful To Mom

When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own approach.

There have been multiple books, articles, interviews, podcasts and more on how exactly to discipline misbehaving kiddos but one father took parenting to a whole new level when he forced his son to wear a ‘pretty black dress’ at his bus stop.

Yea, we are cringing too.


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According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Joseph Blakeney, a dad from Texas, created a punishment that has yet to be listed in any parenting how-to article I have seen.

“When you want to treat your mom bad in the morning you get walked to the bus stop by dad in a pretty black dress,” Blakeney posted to Facebook this past Friday.


The post has since been removed or taken down via Facebook but according to ABC 13, the father had his 11-year-old son put the dress on and walk to the end of the driveway as the boy walked to the bus stop down the street.

Blakeney ensured that everyone could see him in the full get up by then sharing it with the world….

Image via Facebook

“This dad ain’t scared of s***,” he wrote. “Lmfao he thought I wouldn’t do it. Bet he will act better now!!!”

Uhm….are you thinking what I am thinking?


But what do the professionals think about this…style of parenting?

My guess is, they would not be fans..


But hey, don’t take my word for it. Meet Psychologist Barbara Greenberg, who shared with Yahoo Lifestyle how shame does not work when it comes to disciplining children.

Greenberg says that the absolute best way to make children behave and listen is to encourage them to do what she calls “repair work” which is focused on their specific issue.


“You teach your children nothing by shaming them,” Greenberg stated. “In fact, what you do is you make them sad, and you make them more prone to engage in other kinds of problematic behavior.”

And that my friends does not sound like a good/positive/ideal situation for anyone involved….


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And the idea that a father made his son wear a dress — what kind of message does that send?

In our current day and age where being unique and different is embraced, a man wearing a dress is well — is it shaming?

I get that his father wanted to make a point and sir, let me just say — point taken — what if there was a better way?


“Tell him next time you will walk him into school like that,” a person commented in the posting. To which Blakeney responded, “I did.”

Yeesh. We hope things simmer down in the Blakeney household. Until then, parents — maybe try taking away your kids Nintendo Switch first? Their iPhone X? Shut off the wifi? Anything besides shaming them?!?! This is 2018 people, I think we can do better.


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