NASA Wants You To Know The Moon Landing Conspiracies Hold No Weight

Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon on July 20, 1969 — uttering words that would echo throughout history.

Armstrong was literally the first man to walk on the Moon (in case you missed it) and director Damien Chazelle’s film, First Man, discusses what happened behind the scenes of what is considered one of the grandest events in history.


Played by Ryan Gosling, the film focuses on the life of Armstrong. The movie shines a perspective on what inspired Armstrong to go to the moon in the first place.

NASA’s chief historian Bill Barry spoke to UNILAD. Barry worked as a consultant on the film, saying how the film will shed light to its viewers.

He explained:

“I think everybody sort of knows the Neil Armstrong story of Apollo 11 and how he was the first man on the Moon but not many people about his personality and what it was like for the families and people on the inside. A movie like this gives you a much more intimate look at what was really going on and how those people handled the incredible stresses and strains. It is a reminder of the cost.”


NASA has worked on a lot of cool projects this year and since their start in 1958, the organization celebrates their 60th anniversary.

But for Barry, landing on the Moon is the agency’s ‘signature accomplishment’ — where man proved he could become anything.


The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in 1961 stated how NASA would take a man to the moon within a decade. And despite being only three years old, NASA did just that. Barry said how this was a ‘defining event’ did not just shift how others viewed space but also challenged how we looked at Earth as well.

But despite NASA sharing evidence, many folks are still widely convinced that NASA faked the moon landings and destroyed any evidence.

Which, if you ask me seems like a whole lotta trouble to go through and for what? Morale? The footage seems all too legit…


When asked about what he thought on conspiracy theories, Barry shot down the notion, saying how NASA at the time did not even have the technology to simulate the landings, adding how people will someday look back on these beliefs with shame.

“Well the people on social media who do say that sort of stuff are going to be really embarrassed when their grandchildren are visiting the Moon and Apollo memorial landing site, the museum on the Moon in 30/40 years. Ultimately there were 400,000 people working on the Moon programme all over planet Earth, it would have been really hard to fake it and technologically we didn’t have the capacity to do so. Nowadays you can simulate a lot of stuff and make it look good but at the time we couldn’t. We had hours and hours of photos and 800 pounds of rock brought back to planet Earth.”

You heard the man, it happened!

Or did it….


Whether you believe or not, go check out First Man and be sure to scroll on below to watch the official trailer.

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