The Feeling You Get When You Literally Can’t Get Out Of Bed Has A Name And It’s More Common Than You Think

If you woke up this morning and it was a #struggle then join the rest of the world — waking up on Hump Day is rough.

But if you are like some and waking up is a daily chore/your bed puts up a fight when you try to leave its clutches, you may actually have this condition called Dysania.


Dysaniais can be defined as a “chronic inability to get up and out of bed in the morning” according to LADBIBLE.

It can also leave those affected ‘craving’ their bed and having a strong urge to crawl back in it.


But before you audibly gasp and send this article to your family in a group chat text with the cryptic and alarming phrase “do I have this,” let’s hold off on the self-diagnosis and dive in.

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Clinomania is the condition’s other name and for this next part, you may want to sit down.

The condition is not “officially recognized” at the moment


Despite its lack of appropriate attention, those who do suffer from the condition say it is very real.

It is thought that the condition can be related to mental health issues and usually, those who report having it usually have depression and/or anxiety disorders, according to Psych2go.

It is also found in those who operate with chronic fatigue syndrome.


But you ask, “how will I know if I am living with this condition or just a secret sloth who has a memory foam mattress and fancy shmancy Tempurpedic pillows?”

And that is a valid question, my friend.


According to Rise and Shine, you can do a quick test to see if you do in fact have the condition.

The tests recommend you associate words about getting up in the morning. And if words like ‘tiresome’ or ‘frustrating’ pop up, then more than likely you are kind of lazy and love your bed (but it’s cool, everyone is sort of like this.)


But if your brain automatically goes to words like ‘anxiety,’ ‘stress,’ or ‘overwhelming,’ then there may be a chance you and your doctor need to do some chatting.

And if you discover that getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge, period, we have a few tips for you.


It sounds cliche but did you get enough sleep last night? It’s a simple fix but if you are waking up exhausted, it may be your body’s way of telling you ‘hey, I am not getting enough of that delicious REM cycle.”

And hey, your body NEEDS those five stages to become energized.


There are also other ways you can ensure a solid sleep time, like keeping the same sleeping hours in your day to day life as well as cutting down on caffeine. For more tips, you can learn more here thanks to the NHS.

And remember, if it has been a struggle to get out of bed, that always needs to be addressed by a doctor.

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Talk to your provider today about Dysaniais and start a conversation.

We believe in you and hope you find the rest you need. Because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.


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