Bentley The Dog Creates ‘Office’ Parody To Help Him Find Forever Home

In October of 2016, Bentley the dog arrived at the Pennslyvania SPCA’s Philadelphia location after being removed from his home by Humane Law Enforcement.

According to The Dodo, the shelter was not able to shed much more detail regarding the doggo’s past home life due to the confidentiality of the case but staffers at the Philadelphia location could see that the poor dog had been through a lot as he was afraid of everything.

“Bentley was shy, stressed, and uncomfortable when he first came to the shelter,” Behavior Lead at the Pennsylvania SPCA, Kayla Dorney shared with The Dodo. “He sat in the back of his kennel and just laid there. He’d face the back of his kennel, and didn’t seem to want much interaction with humans.”

Image via Pennsylvania SPCA

When Bentley first arrived at the shelter, he had a hard time trusting new people and it took him a while to warm up to everyone around him. The behavior team noticed how sad and confused he looked sitting in his kennel, so they worked on a plan to help Bentley by keeping him in their office instead. They wanted to give Bentley a chance to get to know others better and the results were overwhelming!

“The more time he spent with us, the more comfortable he became,” Dorney shared. “His tail began to wag and we began to see more of who he was — a goofy, caring dog who is more intuitive than most. He knows when we are sad and we feed off of his happiness — he’s become more than just an office dog to us.”

Image via Pennsylvania SPCA

Bentley on occasion can still be anxious around newer folks but he has made leaps and bounds after arriving at the shelter two years ago. He has made friends with everyone at the shelter as well as made some dog friendos as well, thanks to the behavior team continuing to work with him on his anxiety and fears. The shelter along with Bentley’s friends are still surprised that the dog has yet to be adopted so they created a parody video in the style of ‘The Office’ to possibly get his future families attention.

Folks have been saying nothing but positive comments via Facebook about the parody, saying:

“Very clever. I hope this sweet boy finds his forever home soon! I hear working with Dwight is no fun at all!”

As well as: “Great creative way to get this guy a home he deserves.”

But surprisingly (and sadly,) Bentley has had no one reach out yet to discuss adopting him despite over 1,000 shares on Facebook.

Image via Pennsylvania SPCA

Bentley’s dream home would be a place where all adults have experience with interacting with dogs who have a past filled with anxiety. All adults would need to commit to helping Bentley make strides in this department once he leaves the shelter but above all, Bentley desires a family to love and spend time with.

Bentley loves to hike and roll around outside in the grass but his favorite activity is to curl up on the couch and snuggle.

If this sounds like a match to you, click here to learn more about how to adopt Bentley.

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