This 102-Year-Old Racing Driver Gets Stuck On His Roof In Devon

After falling over and getting stuck, a 102-year-old man spent three nights on his roof.

And if that is not the saddest thing you have read so far today, I don’t know what is.


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The man who is named Ron Easton was found this past Wednesday.

He has a flat-roof in Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon — a village in England. Which sounds pretty fetch if you ask me…


The elderly man is also a former racing driver — and is also known by the name of “Ton-Up Ron.”

Thankfully, Ton-Up Ron is in stable condition after he was airlifted to the hospital.

But the real question is, how did he get that nickname and what do I need to do in my lifetime to get a baller pet name like that….for real.


Trish Bagley was the woman who first discovered that Easton was not safe.

She delivers the elderly man milk and papers and started to become alarmed when she found two bottles that were unopened.

When Bagley came to Easton’s property in the morning on Wednesday, she said there was no answer to the door or his phone when she tried reaching him.


“I thought he was asleep but I needed to get someone to have a look,” she said to BBC News.

Bagley, who is a local shopkeeper, then decided to call a maintenance man. It was he who first discovered that Easton was actually residing on the roof of his house.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service was able to bring Easton down. Easton was then immediately flown to the hospital by Devon Air Ambulance.


Derriford Hospital confirmed this past Thursday morning that Easton is still at the hospital and he resides in stable condition.

Bagley shared: “I had no idea he was there, I just knew something was wrong. He always takes his milk in every day so alarm bells rang – Monday and Tuesday’s milk was there so he was probably there from Sunday.”


Easton may have also been adjusting his TV aerial and then gotten stuck on the roof, unable to make his way down.

“The ladder was on the wrong side of the house so no-one could see it,” said Bagley said to BBC News.

This is heartbreaking, folks.


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Bagley continued on, saying:

“He must have slipped or something, we just don’t know. He’s a strong man. He’s always out in the garden. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery.”

I hope if I ever have kids, they come to check on their lil’ ole ma. Because with my luck, this would totally happen to me. And I do not want to be left on the roof with my thoughts. Even if I do have a bomb nickname.


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