This African American Teen Tells Dr. Phil Says She Is A “Proud White Person”

Dr. Phil usually brings in a cast of characters on his show that never fail to entertain.

And if you have never watched the show before, Dr. Phil does what he does best — gives advice and offers ‘life strategies,’ to those who need it most — thanks to his background as a clinical and forensic psychologist.

In one of the most recent episodes, people were shocked to learn about 16-year-old Treasure. Treasure, who is an African-American, is convinced she is white and believes she is superior to other black people.


Treasure made an appearance on the show with her family — who shared how they were concerned for her mental state, self-hatred along with racist tendencies.

On the show, Treasure shared the following:

“I know a lot of people take issues with my beliefs. I’m white. I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African American – I have naturally straight hair. My hair is not nappy; it doesn’t require a weave. My nose is not giant, like African Americans, my lips are perfect, they’re not too big and they’re not too small they’re just perfect. Most African-Americans speak ghetto. When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them. I’m different from African Americans because I’m white. My figure’s just like Kim Kardashian, and she’s a wonderful role model. I act and I think like a white person instead of a black person.”


Monique, Treasure’s mother, shared how Treasure started to act like this when she was a child. Apparently, when she was just a kid — Treasure did not like black dolls and refused to play with other black children.

Monique is led to believe that Treasure’s identity issues started when her white husband died in 2006. Although it should be noted, he was not Treasure’s biological father.

According to Complex, Monique continued to share on the show how Treasure’s beliefs have quickly ramped up as of late and she is afraid her daughter may align with white supremacy groups.


On the show, Treasure said:

“I believe that I’m completely and utterly better than [black people], we’re on two different levels. There’s nothing wrong with my views or beliefs because I have freedom of speech and everything I’m saying is true.”

Treasure also shared in a different part of the segment the following:

“It makes me feel good to put down Africa Americans because it helps them stay in their place. I identify with the Ku Klux Klan because the way they believe is just so smart. White is right.”


Dr. Phil later in the show then introduced Spirit, a life coach who wanted to assess the situation and understand where Treasure’s thought process was coming from.

Spirit said:

“We have issues around culture, we have issues around class, we have issues around racial identity, and we have issues around self-esteem. It’s not that she hates black people; it’s that she hates herself, and she wants her old life back.”

Spirit also personally invited Treasure to come to Atlanta with her so Treasure could ‘meet and understand what amazing black women look like,’ to which Treasure responded more than once ‘No thank you.’

You can watch the full (and bizarre) video below.

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