This Smart Ring May Save Your Life

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This may look like a cute accessory, but it can also save your life. Nimb is a smart ring that alerts your loved ones if you’re in danger with just one touch of a button.

Co-founder Kathy Roma survived a knife stabbing which inspired her to create a device that revolutionized personal safety.

The device is waterproof, rechargeable and must be connected to your phone through Bluetooth. If you are in an unsafe situation, you can press the panic button for 3 seconds.The smart ring will automatically send out your GPS location as well as call your emergency contact list You can even record audio to gather any form of evidence.

This device was created with everyone’s safety in mind. Men, women, children, and seniors can all use it for any given emergency.

You can preorder one now on Kickstarter for $99 the product is scheduled to ship in March 2017.

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