These Airlines Are The Most Generous When Your Flight Is Delayed

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Each year nearly 100,000 flights are delayed or canceled.

Under FAA regulation, if your flight is delayed or canceled, airlines are not legally obligated to compensate customers, but each airline has its own policies regarding these circumstances.

Here are some of the most generous policies each airline has to offer:

American Airlines

If a passenger has been delayed for more than two hours, they will provide a snack, water and access to restrooms. If your flight is canceled due to a mechanical issue and it’s within the airline’s control, they will provide overnight and meal accommodations.

Southwest Airlines

If you are bumped off a flight and have to wait over two hours for a new one, you’ll receive a travel voucher for four times the cost of your missed flight. They will compensate you up to $3,500 for lost baggage.

United Airlines

If your flight is canceled because of a mechanical issue or other circumstances within the airline’s control, they will accommodate your hotel expenses.

JetBlue Airways

For each hour your flight is delayed because of a problem within JetBlue’s control, you’ll receive a $25 in credit. For delays over six hours, you may receive up to a $200.

Frontier Airlines

Places you on their next available flight at no additional charge if your fight is canceled or they will issue you a refund upon request.

Flight delays can be stressful, but these airlines are helping lighten the load.

So before your next flight, it might be helpful to check the company’s website to see the guidelines for what you can receive if your flight is delayed.

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