This Sweet Dog Was Given Back To The Shelter He Was Adopted From Because He Was ‘Too Good’

The employees at the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) have been able to place multiple dogs to find forever homes — only to have them returned to the shelter days or weeks.

But Binx’s reason for return was a first for the employees.

Binx is a husky mix who was returned within the first 48 hours of his adoption. The reason?

“It was the first time we had seen an animal returned for being ‘too good,’” the communications director for the AAWL, Michael Morefield, shared with The Dodo.

Image via AAWL

And unfortunately for Binx, this was not the first time the sweet dog had been abandoned.

Back in early September, Binx was found walking a desert trail left alone by a group of hikers.

Binx ran up to say hello and the crew knew they could not just leave him behind like his previous owner.

The hikers took care of Binx for close to a month and attempted to locate his owner but due to work as well as travel, the schedules of the hikers took precedence over caring for a teenage Binx.

It was not an easy choice to bring Binx to the biggest no-kill shelter in Arizona, AAWL, but everyone was hoping that the kind doggo would find a forever home and fast.

Image via AAWL

And as soon as Binx made it to the shelter, he was showered with lots of love and attention.

“He was only at our shelter for a few days before getting adopted and quickly became a favorite,” Morefield shared. “You would always find a staff member or volunteer in his kennel giving pets and snuggles.”

And then, Binx participated in a huge community adoption event.

Binx was ready to be taken home, cared for and loved for a long time.

“There were hundreds of people and dogs, and Binx was totally relaxed and visiting everyone,” Morefield said. “The family met him, spent time with him while they were counseled by our staff, and then he was adopted from the event.”

But it wasn’t smooth sailing just quite yet.

Two days after the adoption event, Binx was returned back to the shelter.

“The [return] notes stated he was potty trained, good with dogs, good with kids and knows sit and shake,” Morefield shared. “They stated Binx was ‘too much for my spouse, he wants a puppy.’”

And while the employees are very sad that Binx’s adoption did not go as planned, they are thankful to have him in their midst.

The employees say the dog needs someone to appreciate him for all that he has to offer.

Image via AAWL

The employees say that whoever is Binx’s next forever home to expect lots of cuddles and playtime.

“He has no body awareness or personal space, and lays on top of you to get comfortable,” Morefield said. “He is happiest when he is playing, lounging around with you, or going for walks with people, because he is so social.”

“Somebody is going to be very lucky when they adopt him,” Morefield continued.

To learn more about how to adopt Binx, click here.

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